My First Crafty Blog Post: Girl’s Coat/Jewelry Rack

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Happy Friday everyone!  Today I am branching out!  I know I normally just post deals, giveaways, and my weight loss posts.  But, I was given a challenge from Oh My Crafts and I took the bate.  They offered me the chance to play with some of my craft blogger friends and see what I could create with a box of craft supplies they sent. So here it goes…my first attempt at craft blogging:

Oh My Crafts send me a box with these supplies:

It seemed to be a mix of fall and Halloween items.  To be honest, I was stumped.  Sure, I like Halloween…but I didn’t really know what I was going to do with a Halloween plate.  It’s hard to get excited about a project when you aren’t really inspired to do anything. Then, I came up with a plan!  My 4-year old has just started preschool.  Every day when she comes home she dumps her backpack on the floor.  I already hate it.  Yeah, I’m kinda annoying that way.  So I have been wanting to mount a hook on her wall for her backpack and her jacket (when the weather cools off).

So, I decided to combine the plate project with the need for a hook in her room…and this project was born.  It is the first project I have done in a LONG time that I completely thought up on my own, start to finish.  Honestly, I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.  There are a few things I would change if I had to do it over, but I am happy with it. So here is your tutorial:

These are the items I started with:

  • Large wooden plate.
  • Misc scrapbook papers
  • Mod Podge and brushes
  • Large Hook (to hang coat and backpack)
  • Smaller misc drawer pulls (to hang necklaces and other small items)
  • Washi Tape

I liked the color of the wooden plate so I went ahead and left that as it was.  You could paint it if you wanted it a different color.

My first step was to make the little paper collage in the center of the plate.  I started by cutting a single piece of paper to put in the middle.

Honestly, I didn’t do a very good job cutting it out.  I just kind of eyeballed it.  I knew I would be covering up the edges anyway.  If I was to do it again, I would go ahead and make it a little bit larger than the bottom ring of the plate.

Then I just played with it.  I ripped some of the paper and cut some.  After I had my paper all placed like I wanted it, I went ahead and picked out a washi tape that I liked (that stuff is the coolest) to put around the ring of the plate.

To get the tape to lay flat I had to cut little slits.  It still didn’t lay completely flat.  You will want to use a pattern that can overlap a little bit.

 I picked a pattern that was very forgiving and you can’t even really tell that it overlaps.

At this point I went ahead and Mod Podged the entire project.  I probably should have been doing that from the start.  I had a few little floaty edges that probably would have been better had I been doing this from the beginning.  I added in a little more Washi Tape to give it a little more fun and dimension too.

My next step was to add the words.  I really liked the saying “Always wear your invisible crown.”  I just thought it was super cute.  So I figured out how big I needed to make my letters and then cut them on a borrowed Cricut Machine.  (Thanks Vanessa)  If you don’t have one you will need to get some pre-cut letters or do like I did and find an Awesome Friend who will let you use theirs.

{Not Very good lighting for this pic – Sorry}

I then marked all the holes that I wanted drilled and let my hubby do the drilling.  What a man!

I decided I wanted little hooks for my daughters necklaces, bracelets, ect.  So I picked up a bunch of cute little drawer pulls.  I was even able to get them at 50% off!  Score!  The backs were too long so I had my hubby cut those off too.


Because I needed this to sit flat against the wall, I had to add some wood onto the back to make up for the screws sticking out the other end.  I just attached those with some double stick tape.  They aren’t structural, so they don’t need to be really strong.

Attach your big hook to the front, and that is it!  I honestly can’t wait to hang this up in my daughter’s room.  I would have hung it up tonight but she is sleeping.  🙂



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