Utah Food & Meat Co-Op: 40 lb Case Cage Free, Boneless, Skinless, Natural Chicken Breasts $71.60 (reg $199.60)

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Update: January Sale is now open! Orders begin closing on 1/22!

If you live in Northern Utah, check out this cool opportunity to save money on fresh from the farm Food & Meat! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this co-op and purchase from them every month! I’m soooo impressed with their desire to have TOP TOP quality at prices that we can afford!

Through this Food & Meat Co-Op, you can get super high-quality meats and other food at GREAT prices!  You’ll buy in bulk to get these prices so if you don’t need this much, get together with a friend or two to place your order.

Right now they are offering a crazy deal on Cage-Free, Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts!

40 lb Case: Chicken Breast, Fresh, Boneless, Skinless, Natural, Cage-Free, Antibiotic-Free $71.60 (reg $199.60) – That’s only $1.79 per pound!

Want to get it for even LESS?!! I HIGHLY recommend signing up for their VIP Program! It’s only $39.00 a year and you get an extra 5% discount, PLUS you get to shop a day early. This has been a GAME CHANGER for me! They regularly have items that are crazy deals with limited stock. Those items always sell out during the early VIP shopping time.

VIP Member Price is only $68.02!!

The chicken is processed in a Koch foods facility, where they process the chickens from 350 small chicken farms across the Midwest. The benefit of this is that the chickens are raised on smaller farms with strict farming practices that are required to meet high standards.

As such, not only can you feel good about choosing this chicken, but because of the process of being raised on smaller farms, the “woody breast” (that tough, stringy chicken experience) issue which is common amongst the bigger producers is greatly reduced (not eradicated as some chickens are lazier than others, even in a free range environment), and that is something we have learned to appreciate in a better quality chicken.

Here’s an additional part that makes buying chicken through our local co-op even better! To truly enjoy a good quality chicken breast, you need to start with a FRESH quality source in the first place!

This product is processed and packed FRESH, loaded onto a refrigerated truck and straight to our trucks for pickup! This means that you are getting chicken that is actually fresh, a taste you can experience from the moment you take it home. You can pack it how you want and when you are freezing from that fresh state, you will enjoy that experience with each meal. Once you taste fresh, you can’t go back!


These are commercially packaged like how a grocery store or restaurant would receive them. That means super fresh and gone through the line once for the initial trimming by real people, not machines. So there may be remaining fats to trim off, you may also find some cartilage or bone that needs to be trimmed and sometimes a little bit of bruising. All of this is normal and part of the “minimally processed” piece of this natural chicken source. Think of this product like before they get their final trim BEFORE hitting grocery store shelves. By you doing part of that, you get to save quite a bit of money per lb. If you are not wanting to do any work on this product, please use the already fully hand trimmed and vacuum sealed product. 

They also have some other killer Chicken deals this month!

These two deals are for delivery only and they have already sold out the amount that they have for the free pickup.

20 lb. case – Fresh Chicken Tenderloins: Boneless, Skinless, Antibiotic-Free, Cage Free, No Added Hormones or Steroids $43.80 (reg $149.80) – Only $2.19 a pound!

40 lb Case Farm Fresh Boneless, Skinless Natural Chicken Thighs $63.60 (reg $199.60) – Only $1.59 per pound!

While you are checking out the chicken, Head on over HERE to see everything that is still available!

This month is International Favorites. These items will only be available this month.

My personal favorite this month is the Sushi Grade Tuna. I got it last year in June and I can’t recommend it enough! We had Sushi Poke Bowls just a few nights ago! AMAZING!!!

It’s a simple process. 

1. Find the foods available this month on their website.

2. Find the schedule for pickup (usually once per month in the 4 main counties in the Wasatch Front: Weber, Davis, Salt Lake and Utah Counties)

Or they now offer DELIVERY in certain areas for a $7.99 delivery fee. 

3. Order the foods you want to buy in bulk so your order can be included and take advantage of the group buying prices!

4. Meet the truck at the specified date/time/location and pick up your order!

5. Most foods are made fresh for our group and come either FRESH or FLASH FROZEN. Each product will list the package details and the farm/product details.

6. Selection changes EVERY month. What they offer this month will be different next month. So if you see something you want, jump on it! 

VIP Members Get Even More Savings!


  • 5% discount on all orders* made directly with the co-op
  • Get early ordering privileges. The foods we procure at rock bottom prices are sometimes in very limited quantities and sell out in less than 24 hours. As a paid member, the sale FIRST opens to members ONLY for the first 24 hours, which means that you can often be the only ones to get some foods! This gives you greater food security!
  • No quantity limits! Because we do run out of selection, we allow our members to not have any limits on their orders. This also means we do sell out faster in that first 24 hours.
  • First dibs on produce! We often have bulk, fresh produce available for purchase on site. Members receive the opportunity to “pre-claim” what produce they want and we set that aside for you at pickup. Normally, our regular participants shop produce on site at the meat pick ups based on “first come, first served.” Produce quantities can vary greatly and so we want to make sure our paid members are taken care of first and to the best of our abilities.
  • Enjoy the express lane at pickup! As a paid member, you will find special pickup lines that are designated for paid members to be in and out of pickup quick! Think of this as the “fast pass” lane.
  • Be the first in the know and voice your opinion! We are a community that makes decisions that are in the best interest for the community to procure the best deals on all foods all around. As such, as a paid member, you will be given the ability to share your thoughts on new products and the votes of our paid members weigh heavier then the general consensus!
  • Extra bonuses throughout the year! You may find some little surprises and extra bonuses for our paid members as a way to say “thank you” for being an integral part of our community!



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