Olay Spa Gift Set – FREE after Rebate!

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The Olay Spa Gift Set deal is out again – I did this last year and loved it! Right now online at Walmart you can get the Olay Spa Gift Sets for $9.00 and they are shipped free! Plus, as a bonus, inside the spa gift set is a Bonus 1-Year Subscription to Allure Magazine. But, it you’d rather not have the Allure subscription – you can mail-in a $9.99 rebate instead – making the Olay Gift Set FREE + overage!!! Last year, I only bought one, but I have read online that others have ordered more than one and submitted for more than one rebate all in one order and received multiple rebates. So, this year I ordered two. And even after paying tax, the Olay Spa Gift Sets will be completely FREE:










Thanks Hip2Save!


      • Kaylyn when I got mine it didn’t have a form inside like I expected. There was a little card in the bottom with some coupons and it directed me to go to the web page that is actually in the post above. The link with $9.99 brought up the redemption information. At the very bottom of the rebate page this information was written.

        “If you would prefer not to get a subscription, and instead prefer to receive a refund, please fill out the below form, and mail it along with the redemption card located inside your purchase package, and a copy of the valid receipt for this purchase within 30 days of making this purchase to Condé Nast Special Programs, P&G Basket Program, PO Box 37722, Boone, Iowa 50037-0722.

        “A copy of the valid receipt for this purchase as well as the card inside the purchase must be included and mailed within 30 days in order to receive a refund, otherwise the refund will be denied. Offer valid from 12/31/10 until 9/30/11 and while supplies last. Subscriptions included with purchase are valid at $9.99.”

        I sent mine last week and I noticed tonight that all of the pages that linked to the form are now unavailable. It may be because they reached their supply limit. I found a phone number to Conde Nast Magazine Customer Service 1-800-405-8085. If you are wanting the magazine I would call that number and see what they will do at this point. Or if you are wanting the rebate calling P&G may be more helpful here is the information I found for P&G

        If I find out any new information I’ll post it for you I hope this helps!

  • Kaylyn,

    Sorry that the form was not included in the packaging – I thought I remembered it being included in there from last year. However, the little form in your packaging does include your specific redemption code – so hang on to it.

    I just called the number Heather listed above (Conde Nast Magazine Customer Service 1-800-405-8085) and I told them the site listed on the redemption form is down. They took my info and said they would sign me up for the magazine – I told them that I actually wanted the rebate and they said they would send me that. However, the did not want to give me a rebate for the second one that I bought. Luckily, I didn’t open it yet – so I will return it to Walmart.

    Sorry for the confusion on this – but looks like they should still be able to help you.

  • Thanks so much girls. That was so sweet of you two to take the time to help me out. Heather it is so much fun to see a few of your posts and I ALWAYS check out your Sweet Savings! Every time I pass a KFC I think of the days of “corning” people. Maybe we should reunite and do something like that again someday!? Thanks again and I will keep checking out the sweet savings. Kaylyn

  • Kaylyn,
    Silly me, I didn’t realize I was talking to a Kaylyn I know LOL! Those KFC days were the best we had so much fun! I actually found Candy and Tim on facebook awhile back, it’s fun to see how everyone is doing. I hope you and your cute little family are doing well!
    If they don’t end up helping you out with the rebate and you don’t want to keep the kits just return them to Walmart. I’m glad your enjoying the site, it’s so much fun sharing so many great deals with everyone 🙂

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