Primary Children’s New Eccles Outpatient Building

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One of the perks of having this site is getting to see some of the in’s and out’s of some of the top locations in Utah.  I’ve been extremely lucky to tour some beautiful and amazing places.

A few weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to attend a sneak peek at Primary Children’s newest building.  The new Eccles Outpatient Services Building is fantastic and an amazing addition to Primary Children’s Hospital.

I have a special place in my heart for Primary Children’s Hospital.  Thankfully I’ve only needed to visit 3-4 times to have my children cared for.  But I would NEVER take my kiddos anywhere else.  When my oldest was very very young, she had a bladder infection.  It was scary to watch her in so much pain.  I have dealt with this sort of issue all my life and it pained me to see her going through something so painful so young.  We make the mistake of taking her to an insta-care one Sunday morning when she was in obvious pain and bleeding.  It was HORRIBLE!  To say the least.  After hours and hours of them trying to care for this little baby, we left in tears.  They just didn’t have the equipment, patience, and know-how to care for someone so tiny.  Ever since that day, I’ve promised myself that I will only take my children one place (if at all possible).  It is worth the drive to take them up to Primary Children’s.

Primary Children’s motto is: The Child First and Always.  And they mean it!  I’ve seen it again and again.

I’m so excited about this new building because it means that they will be able to care for even more children and they will have the facilities to keep doing what they are doing.  We are so BLESSED to have this children’s hospital here in Utah.

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The new building is located right across the street from their current building.  It is connected with a very nice sky-bridge.  Which means you and your kiddos will always be safe and comfortable traveling from one building to the other.

Balloon lights

It might sound silly.  But one of my favorite parts about the new building is the lights.  These balloon lights are enchanting.  It was so hard to get a good picture of them.  They bring such a fun feeling into the hospital.  In fact the entire hospital felt fun.  If you can even imagine that.  It really was designed with children in mind.  The colors are calming and peaceful and everything feels so nice and inviting.


While on the tour of the new building, we had a chance to enjoy their Mountain Side Cafe.  I can’t call it a cafeteria.  The food was exquisite and the space was beautiful and inviting.

I might have gotten caught eating a truffle or two….


We were told that one of the things that has been requested from patients and their families are benches in the exam rooms instead of chairs.  I LOVE this idea.  This means you can sit and cuddle with your little one and hold them and comfort them without being confined to a chair.


I didn’t get a photo of the Sibling Child Care.  But this was one of the most impressive aspects of this hospital.  They are offering a sibling playroom where siblings will be cared for while mom and dad are with the patient so that they can focus on the child who needs care.  The parent will receive a pager (like the ones you get at restaurants) in case they are needed back at the playroom.  I adore this idea.

Truly every aspect of this new hospital has been designed for the child in mind.  I honestly hope that I never have to see it as a parent of a patient.  But I am thrilled that it is available.

To see more pictures from this event, make sure to check out the #DiscoverPCH hashtag on Instagram!


  • I have never needed to take my children there, but unfortunately know many who have. I have heard nothing but amazing things and this new building looms amazing. Almost worth just stopping by for dinner!!

  • My baby spent a night at PMCH ~ it was so sweet to see how the staff and hospital cater to the children to meet ALL their needs. Children were being pulled in little red wagons with their IV poles attached. After seeing this new wing of PMCH, I am even MORE impressed. They truly believe and act upon their motto: “The child first and always!”

  • The few times I’ve taken a child to Primary Children’s have been for relatively minor treatments and procedures. My heart breaks for those that have to have extended time there due to accidents or illness. What a blessing to have access to such an amazing facility.

  • 25 years ago I took my son there when he accidentally cut a tendon in his thumb. They let me go into surgery with him and hold him while they sewed the tendon back together. They were able to do it with just local, not general anesthesia. They were wonderful. Grateful for their expertise, even 25 years ago.

  • We have visited PCMC a couple of times, and while is not a fun thing necessarily, it is so nice to know that they try so hard to make those that do visit, comfortable. Those balloon lights are SO fun! I love the benches in the rooms as well.

  • I love Primarys and all they have done for my family. personally it was when my son was born at 26 weeks. I can say the doctors, nurses, staff all live the motto of the hospital and it is felt. The new building is beautiful.

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