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You Guys!!!  I’m so excited about a new company that I’ve been researching.  I heard about it a few months ago, but I wanted to really research it before I shared it with you because I’m VERY particular about the companies that I share here.

Star Wars is coming out this weekend and I know a lot of people want to have Star Wars movie marathons to celebrate the new release.  But have you tried to watch it online?  It’s almost impossible to find without paying an arm and a leg!

Well, after testing it out and trying it myself, I can say that I’m thrilled to share VidAngel with you.  Have you heard of them, they are pretty dang cool! And they are the BEST way to watch Star Wars (and any other movie) online!

vidangel prices

Here’s how it works.  They use an unique sell-back system that means they can legally offer ANY movie online for $1-$2 (HD is $2) each!  Seriously!

  1. You “buy a movie” you’d like to watch from VidAngel. They have a TON of choices. You can watch all of the Star Wars movies, Cinderella, Christmas movies, and tons more including new releases!
  2. Watch your movie using iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Roku, and other devices to stream your movie.
    • You can even choose the filters for your movie.
    • There are many options to edit so you can take out language, nudity, ect.
    • Or you don’t have to edit at all
  3. Keep the movie or sell it back.
    • I recommend selling the movie back.  When you do this you pay only $1 per movie!
    • If you really love the movie, you can keep it just like if you purchased a digital copy somewhere else and watch it over and over.
    • But your best deal is to select to sell it back.

So not only can you watch Star Wars and a TON of other movies (they are adding more all the time) online, they are even cheaper than RedBox!  Seriously so cool!

Check out VidAngel Right HERE!

Need more info?  Check out this review on YouTube.  This isn’t my review and I’m not affiliated with it in any way, but he gives you a TON of good info if you want more.  Some of the details have changed a little, but he does give you some more info if you have questions.  Please just remember to use my link if you decide to sign up.  Thanks!

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