We Were Featured on Studio 5!

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For those of you who don’t live in Utah or who missed the show, Here you go:

It was so much fun and, can you believe it, there was extra product that we couldn’t even show because there wasn’t room.  All of that for just less than $100!  Click here to see the break down of EVERY item!

It was such a fun experience.  Thanks to Darin and Brooke who were just wonderful!  Love them!  We can’t wait to give away all this stuff (it is taking up a ton of room in my house).  So keep checking back.

P/S:  Did you know Brooke does the show without her shoes.  Funny, hu!

If you are new here, read our Simplifying Deals post.  We break down all types of deals and how to get the best bang for you buck!

Would you like a breakdown of EVERY DEAL you see here?  We’ll show you exactly how each item was purchased and how much we paid.

Thanks to Kellie Lowe with Define: Life Photography for these pictures.  Check out her work, she is Amazing!

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