What is a beer rebate? Do I have to buy beer?

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Beer rebates are another great way to say money on all kinds of products!

A beer rebate is a mail-in rebate offered by many beer companies. The rebates offered are for a variety of different products: beef, seafood, chicken, produce, salty snacks, bottled water, ice, condiments, buns, coolers, prepared foods, pizza, deli items, charcoal, propane, the list goes on and on…..

Here are some other things to remember when using beer rebates:

  • In Utah and several other states, by law you are not required to purchase beer to qualify for  the rebate. (Even if the rebate says that you are required to buy beer – see the fine print and Utah will be excluded from beer purchase requirements.)
  • Beer rebates generally can be found on either the beer aisle, on a beer display, or at the customer service desk of many grocery stores. They also can be found at many gas station convenience stores.
  • Follow the specific directions on the rebate. Most beer rebates require you to send in the completed rebate form along with the sales receipt(s) of the item(s) purchased. Some rebates require you to also send in the UPC’s from the item(s) purchased. Make sure you read and follow all of the fine print, buy the required dollar or item amount, follow the required dates of purchase, and send the rebate in by the required date.
  • Unless the beer rebate says otherwise, you can use a coupon to purchase the item that you will be sending the rebate in for. The amount that the item rings up for (before coupons) is the amount that qualifies for the rebate.
  • Most mail-in rebates take 6-8 weeks for you to receive a check in the mail.



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