Woodland Park Dental Review and Giveaway! Win Cleaning, X-Rays, and Exam or Toothbrush!

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Woodland Park Dental Giveaway
About a month ago I had the privilege of visiting Woodland Park Dental.  This review and giveaway are sponsored by them.

As a kid I always had good teeth.  I just chalked it up to brushing a lot and good genetics.  I never had a cavity and I thought I was pretty dang awesome.  In fact, I was so awesome that I didn’t go to the dentist for 10 years after I got married.  Yes, you read that right 10 years.  Kinda embarrassing right?!!Woodland Park Dental DoorWell, last year was a rough year for dentists and me and I got my first cavity.  Two in fact.  What a bummer!  So now I am really trying to stay up on my dentist visits and make sure that I get into one regularly.  Since we just moved I needed a new dentist and so I visited Woodland Park Dental in Layton.

Woodland Park Dental BuildingWoodland Park Dental is located at 88 Heritage Park Boulevard in Layton, Utah.

It is a very nice office with a wonderful play area for the kiddos to keep them busy while they wait.  I didn’t have to wait long at all.  They were right on top of things and got me right in.

Woodland Park Dental Play AreaWhile I’ve never really been scared of the dentist it still isn’t my favorite thing in the world.  Thankfully the staff at Woodland Park Dental was super nice and friendly.  They understand that some people really don’t like the dentist, or are even scared.  They do everything to help you feel comfortable and at ease.    They even offer Sedation Dentistry if you REALLY don’t like the dentist.

Woodland Park Dental ChairFirst came the X-rays.  Wow!  X-rays have changed a lot.  They were easy.  Their equipment is nice and simple.  I just bit on some soft little tabs that weren’t hard like the old ones that I remember.  And then it was fun to see them pop right up on the screen in front of me.  The cute girl working on me then showed me each of the X-rays and talked me through what she was seeing.

Woodland Park Dental X-RaysThe next step was even more fascinating.  They have a small little camera that actually takes pictures of the inside of your mouth so you can see exactly what the dentist sees.  I loved it.

Woodland Park Dental Camera

Woodland Park Dental Camra PicturesIsn’t that so cool.  These are actual pictures of my teeth.

The cleaning was great and easy.  They walked me through everything they were doing because I was curious.  I was told that if you don’t like cleanings, or the dentist, you can just sit and watch a movie.  They have a TV installed right in the ceiling.  I got to experience this a few days later when I came back for my Laser Teeth Whitening.

Woodland Park Dental MovieCool hu!

After the cleaning I met with Dr Caesar Hearne.  Dr Hearne is super nice and I was very impressed with how kind, understanding, and knowledgeable he was.  Dr.H-Photo-240x300Dr. Hearne, a Utah general dentist, started Woodland Park Dental in August, 1998 and continues to build a very successful practice today. Dr. Hearne is constantly striving to provide a painless experience for his patients with the use of parenteral and oral sedation and other techniques and technologies which enable him to achieve these results.

Unfortunately he found a few more cavities.  Darn it!  It looks like I’ll get to watch another movie in a few more weeks when I go back to get them taken care of.

If you are looking for a deal, make sure to visit Woodland Park Dental’s website and check out this sweet coupon:

Woodland Park Dental CouponI expressed that I was REALLY interested in getting my teeth whitened and he told me that they offer Laser Whitening.  This procedure is state of the art.  It is fast and easy and affordable.  And your teeth will be immediately whitened.  With my crazy schedule this was PERFECT!!

I should tell you that I have paid $150 in the mall to have my teeth “Laser Whitened.”  And I was pretty disappointed.  While they looked a lot whiter at first, it didn’t last long at all.  Not this procedure.  This was the real deal.

The hardest part was picking out my movie.  They have a HUGE binder of movies and I wanted to make sure to pick out the best one.  Ha!  I went with The Proposal.  Love it!!

They put a guard in your mouth to keep it open and then put this gel on your gums to keep them safe.

Woodland Park Dental Teeth Whitening Open MouthIt’s a great look for me, right?!  Ha.  I had the hardest time taking this picture.  I couldn’t stop shaking I was laughing so hard.  (The headphones are for the movie)

Then out comes the laser and they do their work, scraping and whatever else they did.  To be honest I really have no idea exactly what they did.  I was really enjoying the movie.  Totally painless.

Woodland Park Dental LaserWhen it all was said and done my teeth were at least 4 shades lighter.  What is even better is that they have stayed this way.  I got this done a month ago and they still look amazing.  I love my smile now!

Woodland Park Dental TeethWoodland Park Dental wants your business, so they are offering this amazing giveaway for our readers.  One of you will win your choice of a Cleaning, X-rays, and Exam at Woodland Park Dental or this Waterpik Sensonic Professional Plus Toothbrush.  The winner will get to choose their prize.

Woodland Park Dental Giveaway

To enter, comment below and let us know how you feel about going to the dentist.  What is your biggest concern?  What keeps you from going?  If you go like clockwork do you feel it makes a difference in your health?  Any comment will do.

Then be sure to follow Woodland Park Dental’s Facebook Page.  Make sure to comment on their page and thank them for this sweet giveaway!

Then fill out the rafflecopter below to make it all official.  Good Luck!
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