4pk Family Board Games $19.99

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WooHoo!  I love building up a good game collection and about $5-7/game is my buy price.  Graveyard Mall is offering a deal today for FOUR Family Board Games for $19.99 (+ $6.99 shipping) which comes out to about $7 per game.  Buying these games individually on Amazon would be around $55.  Your 4 pack includes:

Billboard’s Hot 100 Trivia Game:

Billboard’s® Hot 100® Trivia Game captures 50 years of music facts, appealing to passionate and casual music lovers. Played in a team format, the goal is to score points by answering music trivia questions correctly. This game creates a great party atmosphere and includes nearly 3,000 questions in four categories: Who Sang It?, Finish the Lyrics, Who Am I?, Grab Bag. Fun music trivia game for music lovers!

  • A lifetime of music; hours of fun!
  • Made in the USA.
  • Great game for music lovers
  • Captures 50 years of music facts
  • Played in a team format
  • 2+ Players
  • Ages 12+



Guaranteed to make the entire family laugh! The goal of this fun family card game is to play all of your cards first. But watch out for 18 crazy challenge cards designed to DISCOMBOBULATE you and make you draw more cards. For example, if someone plays the Maestro discombobulation card, they pick a song, like The National Anthem, and sing the first line. “OH SAY CAN YOU SEE!” The next player must sing the next line and the song continues until someone makes a mistake or doesn’t know the next line. This person has to draw. Other challenges will make you mimic others, make lists, remember nicknames, keep a rhyme going, and much more.

  • Excellent game for families with teenagers and tweens! Great party game!
  • 3-8 Players
  • Ages 8+
  • Recognized by Toys & Family Entertainment magazine as one of the top 10 “hottest-selling items in the specialty toy industry!”
  • Winner of Creative Child Magazine’s 2009 Seal of Excellence Award


Coin Hopping – Washington D.C.

Coin Hopping-Washington DC captures the spirit of Washington D.C. and mixes a fun and unique game with a great educational lesson about U.S. government. The goal is to place your citizens in positions of power. Become the President and you can appoint a Supreme Court justice! Control Congress and you can vote to change the rules of the game! Control the Supreme Court and vote down new rules. Visit famous landmarks, monuments, art galleries and museums along the way. The first person to achieve several objectives wins. Great game for family or friends!

  • Winner of iParenting Media Award
  • Received 4 stars by Toy Directory’s Mom Psychologist
  • Learn the concept of balance of power
  • Visit famous landmarks, monuments, art galleries and museums
  • 2-6 Players
  • Ages 8+



Rhyme-N-Tyme is an action packed team game that will have you hooked after a single round of play! The object is for your team to guess as many wacky two word rhymes as you can in one minute. Each round a player draws a card that has two words that rhymelike Bees/Knees. That player then gives clues to the rest of his/her team by using words and gestures. You can talk point and act out clues to describe the rhymes. When your team guesses the rhyme you score points and move on to the next card! The quicker you rhyme the more points youll score.

  • Winner of Creative Child Magazine’s Seal of Excellence
  • Winner of the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval award
  • Team play
  • Includes clue cards, timer, scorepad and rules
  • 4+ Players
  • Ages 8+

Head over to Graveyard Mall to grab this deal.

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