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There are lots of way to follow all the deals on Utah Sweet Savings – we want it to be easy for you to save money by catching the deals that matter most to you.  Our most recent option is a GREAT way to catch every deal we post – and NO!  It won’t even show up in your newsfeed!

If you would like to see other ways to follow Utah Sweet Savings – just head to the very end of this post.

Facebook Group.

Holiday Utah Sweet Savings Group Join our Facebook Group   See All the Deals!

Are you familiar with Facebook groups?  They are set up so people can get info and chat with each other in a smaller setting.  We are going to use it to share ALL of our deals with you.

Here is how you become part of the group:

Head on over HERE.  Look there is our group.  ”Holiday Utah Sweet Savings Deals.”

You will need to join the group.  To do this find this bar on the right side of the screen.

Utah Sweet Savings Group Add Join our Facebook Group   See All the Deals!

Type in your facebook name and add yourself to the group.  You can also add your friends who would be interested.  Make sure you ask them first.  We don’t want to spam anyone.  🙂

Now you will be able to see all of the deals.  But how do you find this group again?  Here is the best way.  Look over to the right again.

Utah Sweet Savings Group Favorites Join our Facebook Group   See All the Deals!

Make sure that the Notifications tab is clicked.  Then click on that little star and make sure to click Add to Favorites.  This will pull our group up on your sidebar on your main Facebook page.

Facebook Sidebar Join our Facebook Group   See All the Deals!

It will look like this.  Cool hu!  Now when we post new deals you will know because the number next to the group will go up (just like the number next to Events on the picture above).  You will know if you have missed a deal.  Every deal will be posted there with it’s own individual link.  If you are friends with Becky, Jill or I on facebook, our posts will show up in your newsfeed (since we know each other).  For everyone else – you will just get that nice little reminder on the side of your screen that new deals have been posted.

Other ways to follow Utah Sweet Savings:

“Like” us on Facebook – we post a list of deals, our giveaways and any items that are likely to sell out super fast there.  It’s not every deal, but they should show up in your newsfeed several times a day.

Get our Newsletter – you will get an email once a day (around noon) with a recap and links of all the deals we have found in the last 24 hours.  It is a super easy way to quickly see a list of deals and go straight to any that are of interest to you.  Once you subscribe, you will be sent an email from Feedburner (our newsletter service) asking you to confirm your subscription.

Follow us on Twitter – Twitter automatically posts any new content (meaning a new post) from our site over to your Twitter account.  These will all link you back to our site and right to the deal you clicked on the tweet from.

You can always find links to these option at the top right of our homepage –

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