Free eBook: Minecraft: 22 Minecraft Building Tips And Ideas with Detailed Instructions

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Minecraft: 22 Minecraft Building Tips And Ideas with Detailed Instructions (Reg $2.99)

Minecraft is not just a game, it is a global sensation. It is currently being played by many millions worldwide. But more than an idle pastime, for many Minecraft has become a hobby, a pursuit and an all-encompassing interest.

Why should a computer game inspire such devotion and dedication amongst so many? On the face of it, Minecraft is a game about building things with blocks of materials. But that is just the basic activity, how it feels to do attempt, fails and succeed at these tasks is so much more. Minecraft presents to us experiences of adversity, danger, survival, despair and achievement. It asks us to be tenacious, clever, creative and calm. Most of all, it encourages us to learn from experience and adapt to new surroundings.

It is little wonder, therefore, that Minecraft is such a rewarding experience. Many people have also enjoyed the feeling of community with other players, which has enabled them to share what they have discovered and the things they have learned. The Minecraft world is of truly epic proportions and there is no end to the things that you can discover.

This guide will give you 22 fantastic tips to help you in your Minecraft life. They will guide you all the way from your first intrepid steps in the new world of Minecraft, through constructing temporary shelters, to building homes and landmarks that you will be proud of. It will help release your creativity and let you enjoy Minecraft to the full.

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