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Pure Clarity GiveawayThis is one giveaway that could quite possibly change your life!

Through this site I have had a lot of different opportunities.   One fun thing I love it getting the opportunity to review products that are new to the market and attending launches of these new products.

I have made some amazing friends and learned a lot through these new associations.  About 8 months (or so) I met Mark Patey.  He is the author of Addicts and Millionaires and runs The ADHD Gift among his other companies.  A few months ago he invited a few of us to his office and I was introduced to Pure Clarity by Nature Optimized.

You see, my husband and my daughter both have ADD.  We are focused on finding the best NATURAL and HEALTHY way to help them learn to focus with their ADD.  I love them both, but I struggle with the way that their minds work sometimes.  Especially my daughter.  She is so smart.  And she has SUCH great potential, but getting her to focus on one specific task can be extremely taxing.  And then when the hyperactivity kicks in, well sometimes I just want to go crazy.

Adhd chainsSo I was thrilled with the aspect of trying a NATURAL  ADD/ADHD solution!

First, I have to tell you, that this product is a MUST in our home now.  It really has changed the dynamic in our home!  I am sharing this because this is something that I truly believe in.  And when you find something that works for you and makes your life better you want to share it with everyone.

So what is Pure Clarity?

Filling a much-needed gap in the ADD/ADHD supplement market, Nature Optimized makes liquid supplements with a unique, proprietary blend of fats and amino acids plus brain-supporting vitamins and minerals that is safe for children as well as pregnant women.  The first formula, Pure Clarity with Calming Blend, increases focus and motivation while calming the actively anxious mind.  The second formula, Pure Clarity with Energy Boost, improves concentration and drive while boosting energy.  Both offer an effective, all-natural alternative to traditional prescription medications.

ADHD_Drugs_Short_Term_largeThese new products make Nature Optimized the only all natural ADD/ADHD solution for the ENTIRE family and provides a safe and drug-free alternative to treating attention disorders whether an official diagnosis has been given or not.  Unfortunately, ADHD stimulant medication use is running rampant in the United States.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the 3.5 million American children (as of 2012) taking ADHD medication is up dramatically from 600,000 in 1990.  ADHD prescriptions for adults, ages 20-39, increased from 5.6 million in 2007 to 16 million in 2012.

Nature Optimized was started to provide natural solutions for cognitive and mental health issues.   Danny Warner runs The Chateau Recovery Center, a substance abuse rehabilitation center in the scenic valley of Midway, Utah.  Danny became concerned when he noticed a very high percentage of his clients with substance abuse problems were also on prescription ADHD medications.  His wife, Melissa, is a licensed health and nutrition coach.  She began researching what it would take to naturally support the brain in much the same way ADHD stimulant medications do, minus the side-effects.  The result was Pure Clarity, a formula that improves cognitive function and mental execution while improving overall health.

Pure Clarity Vitamins

My personal experience with Pure Clarity.

When I learned that Pure Clarity was Vitamins and Minerals that support good brain health, I knew we had to try it.  I mean, why not?  A good all-natural vitamin that would help brain health and might help my daughter’s ADD.  Why not?!  I had no idea how much we would come to love it.

Pure Clarity Bottles

Not only has taking this product helped my daughter focus, but I have started to take it as well.  I have to point out that I do NOT have ADD or ADHD.  But this is a brain vitamin.  It is amazing.  I has helped me focus and stay calm.  I personally take the Calming blend and I am able to get focus to get my To-Do list accomplished.  But I still feel like I am relaxed and “in the moment” with my children.  This has been huge for me.

We have seen a change in our home.  My daughter is still crazy and fun self.  This hasn’t changed her personality at all.  But it has helped her stay focused and has helped her be calm.  I’m not going to say that every day is perfect and that I never have to remind her to do things (she is still 6 after all).  But this has made a big change for the better in my home and I am thrilled about it.

Pure Clarity

Here are just a few of the reasons why we love Pure Clarity:

  • All-natural attention improving, stress reducing remedy for everyone in the family
  • Pure Clarity does not contain drugs or harmful ingredients – no amphetamine or methylphenidate that prescription ADHD drugs do
  • Pure Clarity contains no dyes, no artificial preservatives, and is gluten-free
  • Each dose of Pure Clarity products includes 100% of the recommended daily allowance of a number of brain-enhancing vitamins and minerals
  • Pure Clarity formulas are ones I can feel good about taking myself and giving to my family

If you’re wondering how This Supplement could help ADHD.  Head on over HERE to see all the ingredients of Pure Clarity and how they work in the brain & body.

Pure Clarity my personal stash

Since I love Pure Clarity so much, I contacted them to see if they would be willing to give away a few to my readers to try out.  If you have ADD/ADHD or someone in your home does.  Or, if you are like me and want a great brain vitamin that helps reduce stress and helps focus, you NEED to enter this giveaway!

Nature Optimized is giving us 3 bottles (a month’s worth) to give away here at Utah Sweet Savings. The winners will have the opportunity to choose between the two formulas – Pure Clarity with Calming Blend OR Pure Clarity with Energy Boost.

To enter simply comment below.  Tell me why you are excited to try out Pure Clarity and which blend you would chose (the Calming Blend or the Energy Boost).  Then fill out the rafflecopter below.  There are a bunch of ways to get extra entries, so make sure to do as many as you can!  Good luck!

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