Inexpensive DIY Gift Ideas: Pretend & Play Makeup Kit

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If you’ve been couponing at all lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed all the deals for makeup and cosmetic products. In fact, there have been so many lately that you could have a several years supply for free or nearly free!

What should you do with all that extra makeup? Turn it into a Christmas present of course! Here’s how I created a “Pretend & Play Makeup Kit” for my little girl and spent less than $5 for it – all together!






Supplies Needed:

  • A Placemat: As low as $1.19 online at Kohl’s, $2-$4 in store at Walmart, or sometimes they can be found for $1 at Dollar Tree.
  • Velcro: atleast one and 1/2 feet – depending on the size of your bottle and brush
  • Elastic: 6″
  • Strap/Handle/Rope: 2 Feet
  • Small Piece of Fabric: 5″ x 7 1/2″ (I just used a scrap that I already had)
  • Eye Shadow (either old ones you aren’t using anymore or ones free or cheap from couponing)
  • Blush: either old ones you are using anymore or ones free or cheap from couponing
  • Misc. Makeup Applicators: brushes, sponges – whatever you choose – I got my big brush shown below for $0.04 at Walmart after using a coupon
  • Nail Polish: a couple different colors – one for each eye shadow and blush container – you can use nail polish you have on hand or some you get for free or cheap from couponing
  • Small Hairspray-Like Spray Bottle: Completely clean and empty. I got these in a package also with a small soap pump from Dollar Tree for $1.

Here’s how to create the Pretend & Play Makeup Kit:

Clean out the eye shadow and blush makeup holders.








Pour nail polish in place of where the makeup was.







Allow the nail polish to dry overnight.







Now it’s time to sew the makeup bag together (here’s an example of how it looks finished).





Cut the velcro into two equal pieces. Sew the fuzzy pieces parallel to each other – one on the top and one on the bottom of just one side of the placemat. Then sew the hook pieces of velcro on the other side of the placemat – one on the top and one on the bottom – again parallel to each other.








Then cut the strap in half and sew one on one end of the placemat and the other on the other end of the placemat.








Using your spray bottle and make up brush as measurements for size – sew two half loops onto one of the sides of the placemat – next to the velcro.







Take the scrap piece of fabric and fold one edge just slightly over (1/4 inch or so) and sew it – creating a finished edge.

Then, next to the vecro loops – sew the piece of fabric onto the placemat. Sew down the 3 unfinished sides – folding the fabric edges under 1/4 inch or so – so that the edges are nice. This will create your pocket.







And here is your finished bag:







Then just add the pretend makeup, brush, and empty spray bottle.







Fold the placemat together so that the velcro sides attach and you’re finished!!!

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