Why We Love Camping at KOA Campgrounds! #KOAAdventure

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As part of our Epic RV Blogger Tour, we had the chance to stay at many KOA locations.  We were lucky enough to be their guests and we wanted to share our experiences with you.  My hubby, Jason, was so surprised by how much he LOVED camping at a KOA that he decided to share his review with you.

So here’s Jason:

Growing up we went camping a lot. My father had a saying that if we could see other people while we were camping we were in the wrong place.  We would usually camp in places that were extremely remote and primitive. We made our own latrines and if we forgot something, well you were up the creek without a paddle. You toughed it out till you got home and then you really appreciated your cozy bed and climate control.

Becky on the other hand has been “camping” her whole life too but her family went to campgrounds with bathrooms and maybe even showers.  While they usually camped in a tent, they had all the amenities of home at the campground.  They also would be camping right next to someone else in designated camping “spaces.” I must say at first I was really apprehensive about this type of “camping” but as I get older (and see how nice it is for my girls to all have the necessities that make life so much more comfortable) the more I realize that this is really the best way for my family and I to camp.

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We recently took an RV vacation and traveled from Indiana to Utah by RV.   This was a new experience for us.  And of course, we needed a place to plug in and camp in our RV.

If you have ever done this you have undoubtedly heard of KOA Campgrounds. They are literally everywhere. We were able to find them easily on the GPS.  As soon as we pulled into our first KOA in Indiana, Middlebury KOA, we were thrilled with how helpful and courteous they were.  They helped me hook up for the first time and made sure we had everything we needed. We even had a leak in our water line, and even though it was not their responsibility, they did their best to help us.

Middlebury KOA

(This is Becky – I just have to break in for a just a minute and tell you a little bit about Middlebury.  The Middlebury KOA also had an adorable in-shed diner where we ate dinner and breakfast.  The dinner was an authentic Amish dinner and it was AMAZING!!!  KOA MiddleburyThe breakfast the next morning was Amish doughnuts and they couldn’t get enough.  Everyone was eating more than their fair share!  They were easily the BEST doughnuts I’ve ever had.  If you are in Middlebury it would be worth stopping just for the food and the fun experience.  Middlebury also has volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, bike/nature trails and bike rentals, paddle boats, a heated pool and more!)

KOA TentIf you have never been to a KOA. You are missing out. Not only is the staff courteous and helpful at every KOA we went to but I started to think about the options for staying in a KOA even if we weren’t in a RV.   I realized that you could actually tent camp on road trips and have quite a bit of fun. Several of the larger KOA’s had very nice cabins if you didn’t want to sleep in a tent, or RV. They vary in size and cost, depending on the location.   Anything from a single room with double beds to large multiple bedroom cabins with living rooms and kitchens.

KOA girls jumpingSome of the campgrounds even had pools and HUGE playgrounds to serve the purpose of wearing the children out to prepare them for a good night’s rest. They all had stores where you could get items that you may have forgotten at home and free wifi at many of the locations as well. If you are staying for a while, and you get tired of walking from place to place, you can rent a wheeled vehicle.  Human powered or even a car. Their bathrooms and showers were super clean and well maintained as were the general camp areas. I was extremely impressed and will definitely be using these camps in the future.

KOA and girls

Thanks Jason.  🙂

I have to add some info about Mt Rushmore KOA.  If you are planning a trip to Mt Rushmore, I HIGHLY recommend the Mt Rushmore KOA.  We had a BLAST!  They have EVERYTHING at this particular KOA that Jason mentioned. KOA Riding bikesThey have heated swimming pools, hot tubs, splash pad, sauna, water slide, bounce pillow, Fishing Pond, Basketball, Volleyball, and TONS more!  We were very busy on this trip and it was the beginning of the season, so they didn’t have everything up and running yet.  But even though we didn’t experience everything that this KOA had to offer we could tell that it was one of the BEST in the country!

KOA and RV

We can’t wait to visit more KOAs in the future.  We are believers!


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