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Do you follow us on Facebook?  Have you noticed that you are seeing less and less of our posts?  Do you wish you could see all the deals on Facebook?  Have you been missing out on time sensitive deals or have deals sold out before you have been able to grab them?

This is going to continue to become a bigger frustration to all of us as the holidays get closer.  There are going to be more and more amazing deals, but because Facebook has changed the way that things are posted on your Newsfeeds, you will continue to see less and less of our deals.  This is frustrating to you and to us.

We know some deal sites have chosen to just stop posting on Facebook all together.  While I understand why they are doing that, we have decided to take a different approach.   We are trying something new.  We have started a Facebook Group.

Are you familiar with Facebook groups?  They are set up so people can get info and chat with each other in a smaller setting.  We are going to use it to share ALL of our deals with you.

Here is how you become part of the group:

Head on over HERE.  Look there is our group.  “Utah Sweet Savings Deals Group.”

You will need to join the group.  To do this find this bar on the right side of the screen.

Type in your facebook name and add yourself to the group.  You can also add your friends who would be interested.  Make sure you ask them first.  We don’t want to spam anyone.  🙂

Now you will be able to see all of the deals.  But how do you find this group again?  Here is the best way.  Look over to the right again.

Make sure that the Notifications tab is clicked.  Then click on that little star and make sure to click Add to Favorites.  This will pull our group up on your sidebar on your main Facebook page.

It will look like this.  Cool hu!  Now when we post new deals you will know because the number next to the group will go up (just like the number next to Events on the picture above).  You will know if you have missed a deal.

We will still continue to post deals on our Facebook page so make sure you have “liked” our page.  You can do that HERE.  But we will not be posting every deal on that page.  It is just too much and so many people don’t see them anyway.  This will hopefully be the best of both worlds.  Those of you who want to see all the deals can join the group, those who like just the BEST OF THE BEST make sure to check our Facebook Page.


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