Part 8: EXCITING NEWS! I’m Adopting!!!

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So it’s been a while since I posted an update with my fertility story.  Mostly because, well, there just hasn’t been anything to share.  I’ve continued treatments, diets and health conscious decisions to work towards more children – but alas my story has not changed.  However our desire to keep our family growing has not diminished.  So I am so excited to tell you that we are now moving down the road towards adoption – in fact, right now we are waiting for a match and are hoping to welcome our next family member anytime!

So I have a HUGE favor to ask of all of you – we have decided to adopt through LDS family services – however we have one great challenge.  Because we already have 3 children, we will not be able to have our profile shared publicly on their website.  At first that was a huge disappointment – but I have since found out that over 1/2 of the infant placements within the United States actually come through a friend of a friend of a friend type of situation and not through a traditional “adoption website” at all!  So I’m asking all of my friends and family to PLEASE share our adoption profile through your own sources – email, facebook, twitter, word of mouth, blogs, announce in large groups – anything you can think of – to get our adoption profile in front of as many people possible – and help our birth mother find us.

Why did we decide to adopt?

I’ve always thought someday I’d adopt – Chris and I talked about it from the beginning of our marriage – we’ve just always thought it would be such a neat experience.  Years ago when we would discuss adoption we had the funny idea that it would be something WE could do to help others.  Over the last year especially, our view on adoption has greatly altered – I now look at it as an incredible merciful way to be able to continue bringing children into our home even though physically door seems to have been closed for us.

To anyone considering adoption – take the time to really think it through.  Silly me – I thought it was an easy choice to make.  Then I was faced with the decision myself.  All the issues I’d always heard of and thought “Oh, that’s something I’m not worried about” became so much more real once it was right in front of us.  I found an incredible website with stories from adopted children (writing as an adult), birthmothers, adoptive parents and other family members.  I’ve spent hours and hours reading their stories, discovering my own worries and also finding contentment in my decision and am SO so so SO excited to adopt now.

So I have to ask just one more time – PLEASE share our adoption profile!


  • Good luck! Adoption is an amazing experience. We had two bio children ourselves and then had two miscarriages and then were unable to conceive again so we decided to adopt to complete our family. We had a wonderful experience and now our baby is almost 2! My older children are 9.5 and 7 and they all have a lot of fun together. The process was definitely an emotional roller coaster but it was worth it:)

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