Read This!! Changes to Amazon Mom Subscribe & Save! Diaper and Wipe Prices to Go Up! Update on How to Get Around the Increase (for now).

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This is New News!!  Amazon has just changed it’s Subscribe & Save discount for Amazon Mom!!

I am Totally Bummed!  While doing some late night searching I came across some SAD news!  It looks like Amazon has changed their Subscribe & Save discount for ALL of the Amazon Mom products.  They used to give a 30% discount to ALL products bought through Amazon Mom and purchased through Subscribe & Save.  This has gone away.  Here are their new discounts:

Subscribe & Save

Yeah, I am totally bummed!  I mean I still love Amazon and they have Amazing prices….but I am definitely sad about this!  There is one small glimmer of hope.   If by chance you have purchased any items through the Subscribe & Save recently and you haven’t canceled your subscription their MAY be a possiblity that you might be able to get the 30% still.  I went on and looked at my subsriptions and they still say 30%.  Now, I haven’t tested this out yet but DO NOT CANCEL ANY SUBSCRIPTIONS AT THIS TIME!! Give me some time to do some research and see what I can find!!

Even with this change, I promise I will be here to make sure you get the BEST prices on diapers, wipes, and EVERYTHING ELSE!!  Stay tuned….I’ll update as soon as I know more….

Update! Ok it is 12:50 am and I really need to get to bed but I have found something out.  At least for tonight (or this morning) I was able to go in to my Subsribe & Save and have them send me an “extra shipment.”  THEY GAVE ME THE 30% DISCOUNT!!!  So I ordered more wipes! I don’t know how long that will last….but it is worth a shot if you have something that you REALLY want (like diapers or wipes) and the price is good right now (make sure to look at the base price RIGHT NOW because that is what they go off of, not what you last paid) you might want to have them send you another order.  That way you can get your 30%.

I also found that you can go back and look at your “Canceled Subscriptions” and renew them.  Right now, this is still keeping the 30% as well….  Who knows how long this will last.  Worth a shot though to save some money and get the better prices.  Just remember, you will need to go through your old subscriptions to get the 30%.  If you don’t have any old subscriptions (canceled or still active) then the 30% ship has sailed at least at this time….

VERY IMPORTANT!! If you renew your old Canceled Subscriptions they will immediately ship the item at the current price (minus the 30%)!  Make sure it is the right price before renewing!!  Also, I would double check any renewed order you place and make sure you are getting the 30%.  I know this sounds like a lot of hassle but it could save you a BUNCH of money!!

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