StayMade: How to Order at a Deep Discount!!

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Have you checked out Staymade yet?  You can read all about it over on This Post.  I think this is the best innovation in kid’s bedding yet!

Staymade is a bed that Looks nice but is super easy for kids (and moms) to make.  And anything that makes my life easier is a win in my book!

Staymade one zip StayMade: Changing The World of Kids Bedding

In my previous post about Staymade I mentioned that it is a new product that they are trying to get out to the masses.  To do this they have set up a Kickstarter campaign.  If you order your staymade through this campaign you will save a ton of money on a brand new product.

Staymade StayMade: Changing The World of Kids Bedding

I have recieved quite a few emails asking me to explain Kickstarter and how it works.  Many of you are wondering if you money is safe (since this is a new company) and how you “order” on Kickstarter.  So I decided to give you a little post explaining how this works.

Kickstarter is so cool.  It is a way that new companies can get word out about their new products and hopefully get some funding to make it happen.  It is totally legit and safe.  Some of you have asked what happens if you donate or “order” a product and the company doesn’t reach their goal.  Answer:  If the company doesn’t reach their goal all of the money goes back to the people who donated.  If they reach their goal you will get your product (heavily discounted might I add).  Totally safe and easy.  I love it!

I hope that answers all of your questions.  Let me know if you have any more.  And make sure to checkout Staymade’s Kickstarter page.

And guess what!?  They’ve added a new item!


After lots of feedback from potential backers, we’ve listened and responded by adding StayMade Sheets.  StayMade Sheets is a StayMade without the comforter.  Many of you love the StayMade but already have a really nice comforter you’ve invested in that matches your room curtains, paint, or other room decor. You want the benefits of the StayMade, but you want to keep your existing comforter.  StayMade sheets makes that possible.  StayMade sheets is just the Padded Fitted sheet zipped to the Top Sheet.  The bed is still super easy to make, kids still easily stay covered and comfortable while they sleep, and you can still add the optional PeePod to the StayMade if your child is being potty trained. The only difference is that instead of also having the StayMade comforter zipped to the rest of the system, you will rest your existing comforter on-top of the StayMade Sheets.


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