Walgreens Balance Rewards Program

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Have you heard about the changes starting this week at Walgreens? It looks like this is going to be a good program – I like it lots better than the changes that Rite Aid made to their +UP’s – so considering the two – I am going to stick with Walgreens for the time being. Here’s a quick run down of how it will work.

Specific purchases (marked in store and in the weekly ad) will earn you points – which are worth $$$ off a future purchase. Here’s the point system:

Question 1 – How do I earn points?  Answer – Purchase included items and even make “smart choices” (sign up for the program here).

Question 2 – Can I still earn Register Rewards?  Answer – YES!! For the time being you can earn both kinds of rewards, although I believe Register Rewards are going to be phased out.

Question 3 – How do I know if I got my reward points?  Answer – It will print right on the bottom of your receipt – so you will know right off if something didn’t work right.

Question 4 – When are my points available for redemption?  Answer – Right away!  If you make a purchase in-store, it looks like you will be able to turn around and use them right then on your next transaction.  If you make a purchase online it will take a few days before they are available – but now we’ll be able to earn rewards with online purchases too.  Sweet!

Question 5 – Is there a limit to how many times I can purchase an item to earn reward points?  Answer – So far, NO!  Of course you do not want to start clearing shelves, but if you are going to grab 3 tubes of toothpaste, that is not a problem.  PLUS currently if you buy 2 of the same item in one transaction, you will still earn all your reward points.  No more buying all 3 tubes of toothpaste in 3 separate transactions to get your reward.  Simple!

Question 6 – If I need to buy $15 worth of product to earn my reward points and I use coupons on my $15 (meaning I only pay $10 for it) will I still get my reward points?  Answer – YES!  Great news for us couponers!

Question 7 – If I use my Balance Rewards Points to pay for a purchase that I am earning on Balance Reward Points – will I still get my points?  Answer – YES!!!

Question 8 – Do my points expire?  Answer – Yes.  They are valid for 36 months as long as you are still using your card at Walgreens.  (LOVE this feature – I think the RR expire way too fast.)  OR they will expire in 6 months if you do not use your card at all.

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