Water Bottles as low as $4.99 Shipped! How much water should you be drinking?

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The Flash Sale over at 1SaleaDay has several water bottle options starting at just $4.99! If you’ve kicked off the new year with a membership to the gym, a water bottle is a MUST. Shipping is FREE on these water bottles, so it works out to be a nice deal.

So just how much water SHOULD you drink? Do a google search and you’ll find all sorts of answers. The Mayo Clinic advises to get AT LEAST 8 8-oz servings a day. My personal trainer recommends about double that (yep, 1 gallon!) if you’re working out hard or trying to lose weight. Other factors such as temperature, environment, pregnancy, illness, and health conditions can also play a factor in determining how much you should get. Of course, if we all just drank when we are thirsty, then maybe we wouldn’t have to ask this question! But we’ve learned to satisfy our thirst by other means, and we can even dehydrate our bodies with caffeinated beverages.

Take a peek at your pee to see what color it is, too. That can be a big clue to if you’re getting enough water. Match it to this Boy Scouts of America chart to see if you are properly hydrated!

These water bottles will only be on sale today!

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