Whiffer Sniffers Collection Starting at $8.49!

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Whiffer Sniffers are scented collectible plush characters with personality and charm. The fragrances last for at least a year, making these irresistible toys ideal for collecting, giving and trading.

Whiffer Sniffers Collection Starting at $8.49!

  • Your kids are going to go wild!

Shipping starts at $5.95. Once you place an order, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING on any other order you place for the rest of the day.

Here’s a trick, buy one item and if you want more, go back and do a second order, since shipping will be free. You will get free shipping for the rest of the day after placing your first order on the entire site. So look around to see what other amazing sales they have.

Or check out this FREE shipping trick!

First place an order from one of these sales that all have free shipping. Once that order is complete, and order anything else on zulily (there are a few exceptions) and you’ll get free shipping on those orders, too!

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