World’s Funnest Dad Giveaway! Worth $1000!

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We love our giveaways!  Don’t you?  We had so many fun and exciting giveaways for Mother’s Day, I didn’t want to leave the guys out.  But let’s be honest, most of us like to get fun stuff for ourselves and the kiddos too.  Well, this giveaway kinda has it all!  It is GREAT for the dad’s and the kiddos, and the moms too.  We aren’t leaving anyone out on this one!

I’ve mentioned before that my hubby is a “man crafter.”  What can I say, I love him dearly for it.  (Right here he would also like me to mention that he has a shop full of power tools and just bought a big truck — so he is also all man — Ha!)  So in honor of my hubby we teamed up with Cricut, Ubooly, and to bring you an Amazing prize package!

Here is what you can win!

  • A Cricut Father’s Day Bundle + a year of Cricut Craft Room access to more than 37,000 images!
  • An Ubooly—a plush interactive toy that works with your smart phone to make your kids smarter+ $100 in Ubooly Lab credit
  • A camcorder from with 16GB of internal memory, 70x zoom and 3.0” touch-screen

worlds funnest dad giveaway

Here’s a little bit of info on the giveaway items and our sponsors:

About the Cricut Father’s Day Bundle:

Complete with a sleek, black Cricut Expression and multiple manly materials to create with, the Cricut Father’s Day Bundle will get the dad in your life creating with cereal boxes, Duck Tape and vinyl for crafts and customizing everything from tech to water bottles. You’ll also find a deep-cut blade & a Cricut toolkit, which makes creating manly crafts easy! Your Dad & family will get all-access for one full year to the entire Cricut Craft Room digital library, which includes access to more than 37,000 images and fonts!


We’ve worked with before!  We love this site! is a site designed to provide tools to strengthen families worldwide. Filled with practical solutions from real people, can be your go-to guide for a stronger, more loving family. Whether you want to ask a question or help others find a solution, you can find and share tips on parenting, home, health, vacations, love, and all things family.

About Ubooly:

When Ubooly was first created they wanted to provide children with an interactive & engaging toy that would be both entertaining & educational. As children everywhere are falling in love with their new pet, now it’s time for the parents to play. With Ubooly Lab the parent now has full control of customizing their child’s playtime!  Make sure to check out our full review on Ubooly HERE!


To enter to win this amazing giveaway just comment below and tell us what your funnest Dad Moment is.  What fun thing do you remember you dad doing?  What fun thing did he teach you?  What fun things does your hubby do with your kiddos?  Anything fun like that! Comment below and then enter on the rafflecopter to make it official!

Good Luck!

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  • I have a great picture of me and my dad on Halloween when I was smaller and he dressed up like Tinkerbell. Now you have to know him to know why this was so funny he was a macho man motorcycle Harley guy that wouldn’t be caught dead dressed like that or so I thought. He lost a bet and was fulfilling his promise in the picture I was just giggling my head off the way any girl would at her dad dressed up like a fairy. It was a great moment.

  • My dad would take me fishing when I was only 6 or 7. One time it started raining and I didn’t want to leave. He held his jacket over me so I wouldn’t get wet. I didn’t even think about him getting soaked.

  • My dad is now a softie, and a grandkid favorite! He goes by “Papa,” and most of his granddaughters have him wrapped around their little fingers.

  • I have an awesome dad! You can’t ever be sad when you are around him, but his humor is very “dry”. That is what makes him my dad!

  • My son loves doing anything with Daddy, whether that be helping to lay down sod for our backyard or playing trucks in the family room.

  • When I was 12 or so, my family went to Target, and my mom decided to buy my FIRST BRA while EVERYONE was there. My dad picked it up, put it on his head, and walked around singing ‘She wore a itsy, bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini…’ throughout the store. I was so embarrassed. left them, and sat by the door until they came out, only to find it still on his head! Embarrassing at the time, but hilarious now!

  • This looks like such I fun prize to win! We love our dad at our house! He does soooo much for us!

  • Awesome giveaway! Having hard time finding something for the hubby for Father’s Day! He is so attentive and involved everyday with the kids they are so in love with their daddy!

  • My dad would lay on the couch, hook up the karaoke machine and croon along to cmt! It was hilarious…

  • My Father loved to play games. We played all kinds of games board games, card games, trampoline games =). He was really fun to be around and we always ended up laughing. My husband has a great sense of humor also and we still get to enjoy a good laugh.

  • My Dad has always been up for some fun! But he also taught us that the work needed to be done, too. But, while we were working, we were having fun! As the years go by, and he (and me) have gotten older, he’s gotten funny in different ways! I may not have noticed it when I was younger, but he has a great sense of humor, and is a bit of a clown!!! He is the best!

  • My dad taught me to fish. He now teaches my kids to fish. They love going camping and fishing. It is great to go and spend family time with my family. My dad understands how important family time is.

  • My Dad was awesome! He would take us catching instead of fishing. We would go to the trout farm and catch a bunch of fish and take them home to grill.

  • My Dad is great! He knew how to make us all feel special, even with so many kids looking for attention.

  • not about my fun dad, but my husband who is a fun dad to our 4 very active kids! He is amazing and is so involved with the kids! He teaches them all kinds of skills and about so many different activities! He is awesome!

  • The funnest moment I can remember with my dad was when me and my brother were out back playing when we were little. My dad was drinking a beer and we asked what it was. He said it was soda. So the next day while he was at work me and my brother were out playing and got thirsty. We opened the fridge and saw dads “soda” and went out back to drink it. My mom saw out the window. After my mom talked with my dad everything ended in laughs.

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