Blendtec Blender $249.95! Lowest Price EVER!! *Hurry*

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Blendtec Blender Deal

Wahoo!!!  This is what we’ve been waiting for!

Blendtec has marked their blenders down the the LOWEST they have ever been!!  Seriously!  I’m giddy about this sale.

You can get a Blendtec Blender for as low as $249.95!  That is a CRAZY sweet deal!  This is $30 lower than we’ve ever seen them.

Plus shipping is FREE!  This deal will only last until they sale out, which could be crazy fast.  So don’t wait to grab yours.




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  • You know that blender at Jamba Juice!? This is THAT blender….but for your countertop. When we were considering the Blendtec over another high performance blender competitor, a few things stood out to us. This will fit under the upper cabinets on your counter without having to remove the jar. Through research, Blendtec has programmed optimal speed variations into their various button functions for optimal blend performance…so it’s smart. It can make flour from whole wheat, not unique to Blendtec by any means, but it’s a function I use often. There is something to be said about the wildside, 5-sided jar. Have you ever in the past had a blender that was equally symmetrical on all four sides, or even round? What happens when you blend? It immediately creates and equally symmetrical funnel and draws air down to the bottom of your blender where the blades are, and depending on the viscosity or thickness of what you are blending, which content rises above that air pocket, all of a sudden you’re blending air instead of what you intended to blend in the first place. Blendtec’s competitor has this problem thus they provide a tamp to tamp the contents back down to the blades. Yes it’s a solution, but is it the best? Enter the wildside 5-sided jar. That smaller chamfered 5th side of what would be a square jar, throws a wrench into the symmetry of the undesirable symmetrical vortex. It keeps air from getting down to the bottom of your blender.

    Out of the box the Blendtec comes with a standard 8-year warranty, they have excellent customer service ratings, and Blendtec is engineered and manufactured here in the USA.

    They have a very entertaining YouTube channel where they blend it seems like everything under the sun by asking, “Will it blend?” Check out some of the comical videos here:

    Blendtec is powerful and user friendly. I absolutely love ours! You won’t be sorry if you invest in one. I would even call it “Buyer’s Remorse Free!” Ha!

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