BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 for $119.99 (Reg $179)

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There are so many different exercises you can do with this portable home gym!!

BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 – Full Portable Gym Home for $119.99 (reg $179)

Vectorfit Base:

  • Simulate any exercise you would do at the gym
  • Customize your level of resistance by adjusting the bands

Collapsable Workout Bar

Resistance Bands

  • 1-30 lbs per band
  • Add additional bands or shorten the length
  • Includes 2 resistance bands


  • Simulates any exercise you’d do with dumbbells

Limb Straps

  • For cardio boxing

Door Anchor

  • Cable fly machine brought to you

Shipping is free if you have Amazon Prime. Otherwise, it’s a flat $6.

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  • This is exactly what Iwanted in a review of the Bodyboss guide. But I have a question…

    I actually found a detailed, but negative, review of bodyboss on a site I follow – That site is Pushpedalcrank, just google “Push pedal crank Bodyboss” if you’re curious. I was pondering why she was so negative on it, and so confident in more affordable options that she liked much more, so I wanted to get a second view.

    My main question for you is do you feel Bodyboss is priced the way it is because it CAN be, or because that’s Actually the worth of the program?

    The proof Kimmy presented at Pushpedalcrank actually did make it look like The Bodyboss method may not be the ideal choice. I just want to make an conscious choice before I commit to acquiring a exercise guide while a cheaper one may have accomplished more.

    Apologize for rambling!

    -S.J. Out.

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