Hot Crayola Sale: Items start at $4.99 + Select Accounts can get Free Shipping!

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I find that grocery stores ALWAYS mark up Crayola items so this is a great way to get more supplies to keep your kids busy at lower prices. Yes Please!

Crayola Deals starting at $4.99 

I love all the beautiful colors and fun products in this sale. There are SO MANY great deals. It would be impossible to list them all, but you NEED to check this out.  This ship out FAST too. 

Shipping starts at $7.99. Once you place an order, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING on any other order you place for the rest of the day.

Here’s a trick, buy one item and if you want more, go back and do a second order, since shipping will be free. You will get free shipping for the rest of the day after placing your first order on the entire site. So look around to see what other amazing sales they have.

SELECT ACCOUNTS may be able to get FREE SHIPPING when you add more items to your cart. This worked for me but NOT for Jill.  Just start adding to your cart to see if they knock $1 off for each item you add.

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