Time to Conquer: Viva Las Vegas!

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I can’t believe it has been an entire month since I announced that I had lost 100 pounds.  Wow!  What a whirlwind.  It has been so exciting to read your comments.  People have been so amazingly supportive and I am truly blessed to have such wonderful readers and such an amazing support team.

As busy as I have been, I haven’t stopped progressing.  In the last 4 weeks I have lost another 6 pounds (Woot-woot!!).  While it is less that my normal 2-3 pound loss per week, I am thrilled to still be losing.  Having lost a total of 106 pounds (and still going) is amazing and I am grateful for every pound now.

Las Vegas

It is especially exciting because in the last 4 weeks I have been on 2 vacations.  One of them to Vegas.  I am proof that you can lose weight and stay on your healthy eating plan while on vacation.  It just takes a little work.

I’ve had quite a few people ask me what I ate in Vegas so I decided to share.  The buffets ended up being my best friends.

Ok, first, just because it is a buffet, doesn’t mean you need to eat everything!  Really!  I promise!  There are a TON of VERY unhealthy foods at a buffet and you can overeat yourself sick in a hurry if you aren’t careful.  Just ask my hubby.  We ending up hanging out in the hotel room for the first night because he ate WAY too much and made himself sick.  Needless to say, he didn’t do that again.  It was sad, because he chose food over fun that night.  Learning experience for sure.

Here is what I had.


Salad!  Yep, a classic salad is a great choice.  But be careful, there are a lot of items in the salad bar that will do you in when it comes to calories and sugar.  I went with the Greek Salad mix of greens.  There were some really yummy greens, then I added extra grape tomatoes (my favorite), cucumbers, green peppers, red peppers, and sprinkled with a little cheese.  Watch your dressings!!  They will KILL you!  I went with a Greek dressing that was mainly vinegar.  Don’t be afraid to ask what is in the dressings.  If they don’t have a low cal option just choose oil and vinegar.  Top with a little salt and pepper.  Yummy!


Most Vegas buffets will have shrimp for dinner!  You will have to peal it yourself but oh so yummy!!  Skip the sauce.  There is SO much sugar in that cocktail sauce.  If you don’t like it plain, add it to your salad.  Super tasty!  Shrimp is so good for you.  So you can fill up your plate once or twice if you want.


This was my last plate.  By this time I was already getting quite full.  I found some amazing grilled zucchini and squash and then grabbed two different kinds of fish and some turkey.  I didn’t eat everything, I was pretty stuffed.  But this gives you an idea of some of the amazing and healthy food that I found at a Vegas buffet.  There was more, but this is just a sample of what I chose.

If you need something sweet after you can always grab a little fruit.  I had a stick of gum in my purse and that was good enough for me.

I Lost Two Pounds while in Vegas.  A lot of walking and healthy eating was a great combo.  Add in a little swimming and it made for a very fun and healthy vacation.

When going on vacation make sure to plan your meals as much as you plan your activities.  Make sure you will have healthy options for food and carry around healthy snacks in your bag.  Make sure you drink PLENTY of water.  The key to a healthy vacation in being prepared and not skipping meals.  Take time to take care of yourself and you will have a great time on vacation as well as after when you step on that scale.


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