Getting Healthy: My New Start! Join me! Join The Personal Best Club! *Exclusive Deal*

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The Personal Best Club

Edit:  Heads up!  The sale is over, but Phil is hooking us up!  You can still use my code to get this for $59.99!  WOW!!

You guys!!  Ugh!!  It’s summer and I am NOT ready for swimsuit season.  Are you?  I’m so ready for a change.  I’m ready to understand my body & mind. Understand what it is to be really HEALTHY!

If you feel this way too, you need to check out this new program.  Forget a personal trainer, how about a Life Coach/ Personal Trainer/ Life Changer?  Yup, that’s what I’m signing up for.

Come do it with me!

Enter: The Personal Best Club!

The Personal Best Club is the brain child of Phil Despain.  This program is all about changing your life.  Body and mind!

Phil and I have worked together before and, you guys, he knows his stuff!  Because he wants to hook me and our readers up, he is offering us an EXCLUSIVE deal on his newest program!Personal Best Club

Here’s the deal:

The Make a Change Start Pack officially goes on sale on 6/15 for $150.00!  Right now you can pre-order it on his site for $75.00.  BUT!!  Phil is hooking us up!  He is offering this program for Utah Sweet Savings readers for only $59.99.  Guys!  That is a savings of over $90 Bucks!  Just use the code utahsweetsavings to get this sweet price.  The sale is over, but Phil is hooking us up!  You can still use my code to get this for $59.99!  WOW!!

What is it?

I asked Phil what it is all about:

The Personal Best Club was started because I believe life is meant to be enjoyed! I believe that we all have that “Ideal” version of ourselves. The you that likes what they see in the mirror. The you who isn’t afraid to try new things. The you who no longer has aches and pains. The you who feels strong and knows that they can do anything they set their mind to. My PASSION is doing whatever I can to help people become that person and I believe fitness is the best way to accomplish this goal! I have been a personal trainer for about 9 years now. I have ran various personal training teams and have gotten to work with thousands of people. I know there is nothing better than helping people, I believe it’s what gives life meaning. The Personal Best Club was created for one purpose, helping people.

Here is what is included in the program:

*17 Week Workout Program (workouts will be emailed weekly)date night*eBook Fast Food Guide “How to Eat Right on Date Night”(Gives specific menu choices for different restaurants)

all in your head*17 Week Coaching Video Series “It’s All in Your Head- The Secrets to achieving your goals that no one talks about.”

17 wasy*eBook “17 Ways to Succeed in Life”nutrition*“Nutrition… in English Please” Video Series

*Exclusive Facebook Group (Phil’s Health Club)

*100 Calorie Cheat Sheetfitness pal*Myfitnesspal Step by Step Video Tutorial

*Vitamins and Minerals Cheat Sheet

*News letter


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Why should you work with Phil?

Hi my name is Phil Despain and I love my job! I love waking up every morning knowing that I have an opportunity to make an impact and help someone.

I am founder of The Personal Best Club. Below are some quick facts about my training career and why I decided to start The Personal Best Club.

  • 11 Years as a Personal Trainer
  • 8 Years a Master Trainer
  • Trained Nia from AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL
  • Trained Lynn Hooper for the Dr. PHIL SHOW
  • Trained Weber State Baseball Team
  • Current Head Trainer at The GYM at City Creek and The Gym at Station Park
  • Eagle Gate College Advisory Board 2011-2012
  • Health Science Major emphasis in Personal Training, Salt Lake Community College



I’m super excited to try this, but I need your support too!  The more people we have supporting each other, the more we will succeed!  Will you join me?

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