Getting Healthy Update! Introducing a NEW Video Series! Dealing with Stress!

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Video with Greg

I haven’t been the best at updating you on my process of trying to not only lose weight again, but more importantly, get HEALTHY!!

In the last few months I’ve been dealing with some SERIOUS stress as we decided to sell our home and move away from an area that we loved!  It was really tough to leave such dear friends and move to a new place.  Not to mention the stress of selling a buying a new home.  The stress really took it toll on me and I was a major slacker and I stopped going to The GYM for over a month.

During this time I also seriously injured myself.  I’ve had bad knees, but I’ve hurt them again and I re-injured my back.  Which has been really quite scary!  I’m going to a physical therapist and I’m getting back on track, but it is slow!

I’m REALLY trying to get my food intake back in line.  I was talking to Greg over at The GYM at Station Park about it and I was asking him all sorts of questions.  Do you remember Greg?  He is head of all the personal trainers of The GYM at Station Park and The GYM at City Creek.  He also wrote Body Fit: A Beginner’s Guide to Fitness.

Well, as I was talking to Greg and asking him questions, we decided we should turn on the video camera and share with everyone my questions and his insights.   Here is the first of many videos.  We touched on a lot of subjects the other day, and this is just the first.  Greg is going to answer ALL of our questions.  So leave a comment below and let us know what questions you would liked answered.

The first one is my biggie right now, so we are starting with STRESS!!


If you would like to learn more about The GYM and Greg, they would love you to follow them on Social Media!  Check them out!




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