Why I Recommend Purchasing an IKEA Mattress!

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Many of you may be aware that I have a bad back.  When I say bad back, I mean, stuck in bed taking serious pain medicine, BAD BACK!  I was on bed rest with both of my pregnancies and due to complications from those pregnancies I still haven’t healed (nor do they think I ever will).  So, needless to say, I have issues.

The last few months have been really bad.  So bad, that I have had a hard time walking some days.  Crazy pain! And when I would wake up in the morning I really struggled to even stand.  It got so bad that I couldn’t even handle having my husband lay in the bed next to me because every time he moved it sent sharp pain radiating through my back, down my leg, and into the top of my foot. Over and over and over again.

I was DONE! My husband suggested that we look into getting a new mattress. But that scared the crap out of me.  I know that might sound insane, but buying a mattress is scary. It’s a lot of money and what if you hate it? Add in bad back pain and the idea of buying a mattress was almost too much to bear.


But I knew I needed to do something, so I did what I always do, I got on social media and started “crowdsourcing.” I asked what my friends loved. What mattresses they hated. What were the recommendations.  And you know what I found out? A LOT of people need new mattresses but they are scared too and don’t know where to turn. I did however have a few REALLY good recommendations and so I decided to go shopping.

After doing a little looking around, I was surprised with what I ended up with.  Seriously. Who would have guessed that I would fall in love with an IKEA mattress?!!

love ikea

I hate to say it, but I seriously had my doubts when it came to the IKEA mattresses.  I mean sure, I love IKEA. I really do. I buy from them all the time. They have great products and my house is full of them.  My kitchen table, all of our dressers, mirrors, kitchen chairs and bar stools, etc. They are all from IKEA. But for some reason I’ve never given the mattresses a shot. You know what I mean, they aren’t really sexy. They really aren’t much to look at. And the prices are so good. Could they really be that great?

try them

Yes. Yes they can! We headed into IKEA one day and tried them out and I was shocked! Now, here’s the important part, you HAVE to try out the mattresses.  I know. I know. It can be kind of strange or embarrassing. Get over it! It’s worth it. You will be so surprised by the support and comfort. I quickly narrowed my choice down to two. One that was $399 and one that was $299! Seriously, you guys! I didn’t even look at the prices, I was looking for something that felt right and supported my back. I ended up choosing the $399 and it has been PERFECT! CRAZY, Right?!!

Love it or exchange it

Here’s what really sold me on the IKEA mattress. They have a 90 day love it or exchange it policy. And they aren’t keeping it a secret. It is in BIG and BOLD letters on the wall. They want you to sleep on your mattress and if it isn’t working out for you, go get a different one and try that out.

trying them out

Come on! How cool is that?! That is a game changer for me. Isn’t that the hard part? When I was picking out my mattress I was in pain. I had been in pain for months and months and it was so hard for me to get up and down on these mattresses and hope that I was picking out the right one. I actually did get the perfect one for me, but if I hadn’t, I would have been able to take it back and try something else out. No questions asked. SO COOL!!

rolled up

Here’s another crazy cool thing about the mattresses at IKEA. They are all rolled up. Which at first I thought was really strange, but it made it so easy to take home and get in the house. I even slept on it the same night (although they do tell you that it will take about 24 hours for it to fully “fluff up.”)

Here’s the BEST part! My back! I have had SO MUCH LESS PAIN! In fact, I didn’t even realize it until the other day when I realized I hadn’t taken any pain meds in DAYS! That is huge for me! Just huge. I can just get up in the morning and there is no pain! It’s weird and SO amazing! If I had known that a few hundred bucks could do that I would have done it a LONG LONG time ago.


I have been so thrilled with my IKEA mattress and know that many people are looking for something great without spending hundreds and hundreds (even thousands) of dollars. Don’t just take my word for it, head into IKEA and try out their mattresses for yourself. You will be so surprised and happy that you did.





  • I would have never thought to be a mattress from IKEA! We bought a new mattress last May and I’m not happy with it.It started to sag just outside their 30 day warranty so I would love a 90 day guarantee! So happy to hear your back is better too! I will have to look at mattresses next time we go to IKEA.

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