Scrumptious Sunday: Copy Cat Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup

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Cheese Cauliflower Soup Recipe Copy Cat
Good Morning, Scrumptious Sunday Readers!  I am Sandra from Scrumptilicious 4 You!  I absolutely love making fun, show stopping recipes and sharing them with you step by step.  I hope you like this one as much as I do.
Here in Utah we have a great restaurant called Zupas that has amazing soups.  A couple of weeks ago, I ordered their Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup and it was love at first bite!  After researching a few recipes I came up with this combination that very closely resembles Zupas and it is “Oh! so good.”
Spring is in the air but there are still some chilly nights ahead and this is the perfect soup to serve!

Gather some really good ingredients

Boil them together:

Cheese soup with Cauliflower

And enjoy!

Let’s look at the recipe:


Copy Cat 

Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup

2 Tablespoons butter

1  medium onion chopped

1/4 cup all purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 cups 1/2 and 1/2 (lower fat milk may be substituted)

1 1/2 cups water

1 14.5 oz can chicken broth

1 head (2 1/2 lbs) cauliflower, cut into 2 inch pieces

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese

1 cup pepper jack cheese

1/4 cup cheese powder (or 6 oz  Velveeta cheese or 8 American cheese slices)

Melt butter in a large saucepan.  Add onion and cook and stir until translucent.  Stir in flour and salt with a whisk until just combined.  Add 1/2 and 1/2 cream, chicken broth, and water and heat until boiling.  Boil one minute then add the cauliflower and heat to boiling again.  Cover and turn heat to medium low.  Simmer until cauliflower is easy to pierce when poked with a fork, about 15 minutes.

Use a measuring cup or ladle to put a couple of cups of the soup into a blender at a time.  The soup is very hot so take care not to get burned.  Don’t be tempted to do bigger batches in the blender than this.  As you blend the hot mixture it will expand and hot steam will come out the top.  I take out the little center insert in the lid and hold it above the opening.  This lets the steam escape while blocking the hot liquid from splashing out.  Blend each batch until almost smooth (mine was never completely smooth but I liked that texture).

Pour each batch into a large bowl until all the mixture is creamed.  Pour the soup back into your pan and heat it up again.  Now stir in your mustard, cheeses and powder.  As soon as you add the last ingredient remove the pan from the heat and continue to stir until it is all is melted together. Serve!

This makes about 10 cups of soup.

Recipe adapted from The Coterie Blog

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