Scrumptious Sunday: Easy Sugar Free Cookie Recipe for a Diabetic Cookie Monster!

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sugar free cookies

Today’s Scrumptious Sunday recipe is a great one not only for diabetics, but anyone trying to eliminate or reduce white sugar from their diet, or even just trying to incorporate healthy snacks into their diet.

This is a recipe my mom developed for my dear dad! The following recipe is brought to you by Marian love cookies text

My husband, who turned 65 years this young this year, has always loved cookies–store bought, homemade, cooked, uncooked–whatever! I’ve always called him the Cookie Monster (YUM!YUM!YUM!)! About a year ago he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. OH,OH!!!  Our food intake & preparation had to make a drastic change. No more sugar! What to do to keep a cookie monster happy?


I had tried a cookie recipe a while back that I thought I might be able to modify. So, I began experimenting. I found that any mixture of fruits–frozen, fresh, & dried works. Put what ever you have in your Blendtec or Ninja to the fill line & press the smoothie button. Pour into a mixing bowl & taste. If it’s not sweet enough ad some splenda or truvia so it tastes sweet enough for you. Add spices, if you’d like–my husband likes cinnamon.process

Next add Quick Quaker Oatmeal  until it’s the consistency of cookie dough.

You can also add chopped or sliced nuts of your favorite
kind,unsweetened coconut, flax seed, chia seed, sunflower or pumpkin seeds–whatever you like! Mix these with the the oatmeal & fruit mixture.

cookies on sheetPreheat the oven to 350 or 375 degrees. I use a cookie sheet with a Silpat type liner on it, but if you don’t have one spray your cookie sheet with Pam. Drop 1/4 cup of ‘dough’ on the sheet & shape into circles or bars.

Bake for about 20 minutes. ENJOY!!!

**I know my dad LOVES these cookies and they’re an enjoyable substitute for his beloved chocolate chip cookies. I think they’re pretty good, too, and super easy! Thanks, Mom, for sharing!**

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