Time to Conquer! Week 7 and 8: Figuring It Out with Cupcakes!

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Don’t you feel that way?  Admit it, we all do at some point.

I’m posting two weeks again because life has just been busy.  Many people say that they are just too busy to loose weight.  That they are too busy to eat right.  That they are too busy to take care of themselves.  Well, I have been one of those people.  You know what?  It is hard.  It does take time.  It isn’t always the easiest and fastest choice to take care of yourself.  But I will tell you this.  IT IS WORTH IT!

Think of all the things you had to do today….  I’ll tell you what I did.  I got up early to try and post a few things to the blog.  Showered, got ready for work, gave my girls hugs and kisses goodbye {I’m lucky – my hubby is a teacher and gets to stay home with my girls in the summer on the two days that I go into work} and I went to walk out the door.  Wait Stop!  I forgot to eat my breakfast.  So…you know what I did?  I went back in and made myself my breakfast.  I sat down and ate it.  Then I made myself my lunch, packed it up and took it with me to work.

I went to work and made sure that I ate when and what I was supposted to.  And even more importantly, I drank my water.  I came home a little early.  Why?  Because I had a blogger event tonight and I wanted to make sure I got a healthy dinner before I headed out.  I had my fish and veggies {Cucumbers and Tomatoes from my garden – Heaven}.  Grabbed some more water and headed out.

Where was I going?  A cupcake decorating class.  Yep.  Tonight I learned how to decorate cupcakes.  It was so much fun!  I had a blast and didn’t eat ONE SINGLE THING.   {I’ll be posting more about this Awesome night later.}

{Do you see my water?  Green cup, bottom left, never leave home without it!}

You know what I learned?  Just because I’m on a diet, life doesn’t have to stop.  It doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun.  I doesn’t mean that I can’t do the things that I want to do.  It DOES mean that I have to plan ahead and make sure that I am taking a little bit of extra time to take care of myself.  That little bit of extra time will pay of BIG in the end.

I am also learning that I am responsible for my health.  Me.  Just Me.  No one is going to do it for me.  No one is going to tell me not to eat something.  No one is going to tell me to get out and exercise.  Heck, even if they did, they can’t do it for me.  It is up to Me!  And I am doing it.

Week 7 was a tough one for me.  I lost ONE pound.  But I felt lost.  I cried myself to sleep one night.  If anyone tells you that loosing weight is easy, they are Lying!  It sucks!  And it is HARD.  {totally worth it}   But very very hard.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands.  And I am joining a gym!  I am Super Excited!  And hey, if you are going to join a gym, you might as well join the BEST!  So I am going to start going to the Kaysville Sportsplex.  I will be doing a full review and write up on the Sportsplex later, but I’m telling you, I haven’t even worked out there and it is already working.  Just heading down and walking through the place I can tell you it looks Amazing.  Plus, there must be something in the air.  This week, I had a break through, and lost 4 pounds!  That is the biggest weight-loss I’ve had since the first couple of weeks.  YAY!  I am beyond thrilled.   I am now up to a total of 25 pounds!!

It has given me the boost I needed to remember what I am doing is working.  I am seeing results, even if they are small at times, and I am changing my life FOREVER!  All of it is worth it.  Life doesn’t need to stop.   – Quite the opposite! –  It will continue and I will just adapt to it.  I will become better and it will last!

Now is your time.  If you are reading this and thinking about making changes in your life.  Do it!  Do it and tell everyone you are doing it.  Make the change.  Hold yourself accountable.  Never give up and learn to find the strength to just DO IT!



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