Time to Conquer! Week 9: A Gym? YES! The Kaysville Sportsplex

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This week I started working out at the Kaysville Sportsplex.  I have been trying to work out on my own by taking walks outside and doing aerobics in my basement.  But let’s be honest, if something else comes up it is so much easier NOT to work out when you are at home.  Plus, it has been SO HOT outside lately, it is hard to make myself go outside and sweat in the heat.

I have lost weight before.  I was CRAZY.  I did a “Biggest Looser” type of workout regimine.  I would walk/run outside on my lunch break.  My boss was Awesome at let me change my clothes and leave and then clean up afterwards.  Then I would come home and at night I would do a video workout in my basement.  I was CRAZY.  I killed myself and the first week I lost 15 pounds.  Now that I look back on it, it wasn’t healthy at all.  Sure, I dropped weight pretty quickly, but I ended up injuring myself.  I really hurt my foot and ended up not being able to work out at all.  Because I was crazy and didn’t change my habits I just gained it all back…and more.  This time, things are different!

This time I am learning how to eat right and learning how to slowly add in healthy exercise.    Pacing myself so I don’t injure myself is super important and exercising in a controlled environment is a great way to do that!

So, when the opportunity came up to check out the Kaysville Sportslex I jumped at the Chance!  And I am SO glad that I did.  That place is AWESOME!  They have tons and tons of awesome equipment.  Plus a really nice dressing room and sauna.  {I didn’t get a picture of those because that would have just been creepy.}

But my favorite part of the Kaysville Sportsplex is how family friendly it is!!  It is THE gym  to go to if you have a family.  They have a ton of different options for your family.  If your kids are older than mine (Elementary age)  they have a children’s area called the X-Zone where you can leave your kids while you workout and they will also get a workout.  They have fun activities (all which will give them a great workout) but still will be tons of fun for your kiddos.

If your little ones are younger, like mine, there is an awesome child care area which your children will also have a blast!  The KidsPlex is an active child care.  This gives busy families a chance to go to the gym together.  Go while your hubby is at work, or even better, take him along and you all will have a fun family time and get your work out in too!  Sweet!

{My hubby working out with my sis-in-law training him}

This isn’t just a gym with state of the art equipment.  They also have basketball courts, fitness classes, a free training session, a diet analysis, and more!  This is a great gym for the athlete or someone like me who is loosing weight and changing their life.  And everyone in between.

If you live in near Kaysville, you have GOT to check out the Kaysville Sportsplex.  You will probably see me there.  Come and say hi and let’s workout together.

This week I had to weigh in a day early because I headed out of town.  But I am still thrilled to report that I lost 3 pounds for a total of 28!  Yay!  I am feeling better every day. This next week I am out of town all week.  I can’t wait to report on how my first vacation goes.  Wish me luck!


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