Time to Conquer: Weeks 15-17: Let’s Get Real

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Well, here I am again.  Behind three weeks on my weight loss post.  Man, time flies when you are having fun.

Things have been so busy, I haven’t even had the chance to celebrate my first major milestone in my weightloss journey.  I have hit my first goal of losing 50 pounds!  I am super excited about it.

Although, there is part of me that is suprised.  I thought the day that I got on the scale and saw the 50 pounds gone would be the BEST DAY.  Strangely enough, it wasn’t.  It felt a little anti-climatic.  Like the day I turned 30.  Guess what, I am still the same person.  Nothing huge and different happened.  I’m not sure exactly what I expected to feel.  I imagine that part of my issue is that I still have SO much to lose.  I am still over 200 pounds.  I am watching that number like a hawk.  I want nothing more than to see that number ONE in front of my weight.  It has been over 10 years!  I am SO ready.  So while I am very excited to be down over 50 pounds now, I am looking forward.  I am looking forward to continuing to be and feel more healthy.  And I am really looking forward to being under 200 pounds.  At that point you might just hear me screaming with excitement.   My goal is to hit it before Thanksgiving.  And then there will be no going back!

So here is how my last 3 weeks have broken out:

Week 15:  This week I lost 2 pounds which brought me to 46 pounds.  I’ve decided if I can hit 2 pounds every week I will be pleased as punch.

Week 16:  BAMB!!  I lost 4 and hit the 50 pounds.  My hubby was out of town and I was sick.  So maybe that had something to do with the anti-climactic way I felt about the weight loss.

Week 17:  I lost another 2 pounds for a total of 52.  I am only 13 pounds away from seeing the number 1 at the beginning of those numbers on the scale.  If I have learned one thing while doing this (and I have learned more than one) it is that consistency brings consistency.  I just need to keep doing what I am doing and I will continue to lose.  I can’t control how fast my body drops the weight, but I can control how much (and the kind of) food I put into my mouth.  I can also control how much I move.  As long as I continue doing those things I will see the results that I want to see.

Having posted those numbers, I’m hoping you will stick with me as I weigh in (pun intended) on something that has been all over my Facebook page (and the internet) the last few days.

Have you seen this video?  {If you are reading this on email or somewhere else other than the blog, you can see the video HERE}

If you haven’t watched it, you should.  I would love to hear you feelings on it.  How do you feel about what she says?

It is interesting that this video was posted when it was.  For the last few weeks I have been thinking about this a lot.  One thing I can’t get over is how differently I am already treated by everyone.  Especially random strangers.  Yes, I am still overweight.  Yes, I am still fat.  But, I would now call my weight “acceptably fat.”  Sure, there are those who are still totally grossed out when they look at me, but those numbers have significantly reduced.  Going from a size 28 {3X} down to a 22 {XXL} makes a huge difference.  I don’t believe that most people are rude on purpose.   I believe that some are truly genuine in their concern.  I am sure that the guy who wrote the email in the video truly believed that he was being genuine and is truly worried for those young women he spoke of.

But, I truly belive that it is so important to be loving and understanding of all people around us.  We all have our struggles.  Mine is just something that is obvious to everyone.  You can physically see it.  Being big Sucks!  There is no way around it.  I have personally decided that it isn’t the way I want to live my life anymore.  But it is hard.  It is scary.  Facing things that are tough always are.  People who are overweight don’t choose to live this way because they don’t care about themselves or because they are lazy.  They are dealing with issues that make them this way.  Just like thin people deal with other issues that we can’t see.  Please don’t condemn a fat person for being fat.  Love them and encourage them.  I have an amazing support system behind me and it has still taken me YEARS to get up the courage to tackle my monsters.  I am still trying.

For those of you who want to change but are scared, I say this:  Start by making a choice.  Ask yourself, “What do I really want?”  “What will really make me happy?”  “What do I want my life to be like?”  Once you have your answers, then ask yourself this:  “Are my choices helping me get those things?”  This is one thing that I have done that is changing my life.  At first, every time I was presented with a “yummy treat.”  Or I wanted to “cheat” I would ask myself, “Does this help me get what I REALLY want?”  The answer was always no.  But you have to make those choices for yourself.  Now I don’t have to make the choice anymore.  It is automatic.  It doesn’t bother me to sit in a room full of yummy baked goods.  Because I know eating them will only delay what I really want.

No matter what anyone else says to you, you are in control of your life.  You make your choices.  You don’t have to do it alone.  You have the support of millions of other people who want to kick that negativity that is holding them back.  Don’t give the fear any more power.  You’ve got this thing.  And if you aren’t ready, well, I will be here rooting you on when your time comes!  You can do this!

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  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I’m so happy for you and your continued Weight Loss! I loved her response to the guy that emailed her. I think your right in saying that perhaps he honestly felt like he was being genuine and well meaning. If he hadn’t been, that email could’ve been a whole let worse. On the same note, I also agree that it’s important not to be critical of others. Well meaning or not. Great post! Great points! AND you’re a great person! Keep it up girlfriend!

  • Wow! I hadn’t seen that video – although I had heard about it. It is incredible the things people will say that are hurtful without intending to. We’ve had to watch the things we say (and therefore the things we feel – because we say what we are feeling) around our kids after noticing the cheap shots they were taking at politicians. Yikes! It is amazing how rude our society can be when others act differently than we would choose. Of course we can choose to be or choose not to be offended when comments are made to us, but first we can choose to treat others kindly, no matter what they believe.
    I had someone (who totally thought he was speaking in jest) ask me when I was going to get my act together and get a big family going – having no idea that I had just lost a baby only a few weeks before and that I was standing next to his pregnant wife who just happened to be due the same day I would have been. I was already struggling to just stand next to her and be happy for her when this shot came. It just comes back to the fact that we don’t really know what’s going on in others lives to make them do (or look or feel or whatever) the way they do and by being kind we can sidestep so many hurtful moments.
    Whew! What a can of worms you opened Becky! Anyway, so glad you are moving towards your goals! 50 pounds is awesome – that’s a habit and some momentum you can really build on to reach your next milestone. Way to go!

  • GREAT post, Becky! Yay for hitting your 1st goal! Can’t wait to go to New York next year to celebrate another 🙂 Love you!

  • Congrats on hitting your first goal! I need to do better about mine. Your comment that some people are concerned and not necessarily rude reminded me of my friend where her little girl commented on a male that was in the room, saying he was ‘big’. He took offense even though her daughter was only 3 and just stating what she saw. Anyway, keep it up!

  • Way to go Idaho! Really though, I love that you said to be encouraging and kind to people who are overweight. No one changes until they’re ready and when you’re discouraged you feel even less up to the challenge. I like to remember when you’re not ready, no one can make you. When you’re ready, no one can stop you.

    We’re cheering you on from the sidelines!

    Blog On,

  • I hopped over after seeing in your newsletter that you were using the Hidden Treasures skirt as a goal skirt. (Thanks for that! I picked one up, and it’s beautiful!) I was skinny in high school, but always thought I was fat because I was half a foot taller than my friends, for one thing. They were all tiny little girls, and I felt huge next to them. I always struggled with my perception of my weight. Then I had kids. FIVE of them, and the last three were triplets! We lost two, so besides triplet weight, I was dealing with grief.

    I’m losing the weight now, very slowly, but your post touched me. People who are overweight are different only because they have a pain that you can physically see. We all have struggles, but somehow people think it’s all right to comment on it if they can see it. My darling son has special needs, and I’m shocked by how many strangers feel they should come and offer their advice. My daughter is terrified of the dark, but nobody mentions that because she doesn’t wear it on her body.

    I’m proud of you! I’m proud of me! I think people are basically good and kind and WANT to help, but perhaps they don’t know exactly the best way to do so. Thank you for your inspiring and fun posts and deals! They make me happy, and I very much appreciate all of the work that you put into them. Ha, as somebody who reads and doesn’t comment, perhaps I should take the time to say thanks! 😀

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