Time to Conquer: Weeks 24-28: Still Going Strong!

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Wow!  It has been over 5 weeks since I posted last on my weight loss journey.  Time sure flies when you are posting deals like a crazy woman!   Phew.  Well, things are slowing down a little.  Christmas is right around the corner.  And I need to report!

Admit it, you thought I fell off the band wagon.  I gave in and ate a bunch of junk over Thanksgiving, right?!  You know you thought it.  Why wouldn’t you, since I haven’t posted since Nov 14th, the logical conclusion would be that I am off my diet.  Nope!  The holiday’s are here and I am Freaking Awesome!  (If I do say so myself)

So with 5 weeks of catching up to do, they are going to be short and sweet.  You are just going to get a few highlights.

Week 24:  The week before Thanksgiving.

This week I geared up to be ready for the holidays.  I told myself that I am strong and that I don’t need food to have a wonderful holiday season.  Even on Thanksgiving.   To prove it to myself and my family and friends I posted this on my Facebook page:

I meant to share it with you here before Thanksgiving as well.  Well, I didn’t make it before Thanksgiving, but I made it before Christmas and the same statement applies.  I don’t need to act irresponsibly when it comes to food just because it is a holiday.  I don’t need to over indulge   And this year, I don’t need to go off my plan.  Being healthy is more important than any food that I could eat.   ANY!

My scale broke the week before Thanksgiving so I didn’t get to weigh in.  (Apparently it didn’t know what to do with readings under 200 pounds and so it just started reading in Kilograms.  Ha!)

Week 25:   Thanksgiving week!

Well, I did it!  I enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family and didn’t eat anything that I shouldn’t.  In fact, I didn’t eat any sugar or carbs at all!  WHAT!!  How is that possible?!  I’m lying!  Right?  Nope, I just had turkey and some veggies at our Thanksgiving meal.  I think my in-laws thought I was crazy!  But then again, they are proud of me for loosing weight as well.  So it is ok if I am a little crazy.

Since I bought my scale (I got it on Amazon.  It is Awesome – Check it out HERE if you are in the market).  I was able to weigh in.  For week 24 & 25 I lost 8 pounds for a total of 74 pounds!!


Week 26:  Was spent posting deals.  I hope you all enjoyed them!

WOW!!  What madness.  I had so much fun, but was totally honest in my interview on KSL when I said that I didn’t sleep anymore.  You can watch the full interview HERE.

Because of the the craziness, I forgot to eat, I forgot to drink my water, I didn’t sleep!  Really!  And the scale showed it.  I didn’t loose any weight on week 26.  Proof that even if you don’t eat crap, you won’t loose weight if you don’t take care of yourself.

Oh, and in case you are wondering…. No, I will NOT be wearing stripes again if I go on TV.  Ugh!  That is usually such a cute sweater….  Boo

Week 27 & 28:  December!  Bring on the Christmas Parties!  AND my birthday!

The picture above is me with a bunch of my blogging friends at a Christmas party.  Many people have asked me how I am going to continue to stay on my plan and diet through the holidays.  Also, I made it through my birthday.  How?

For me, it is easy.  I have made the choice already!  I have chosen to be happy and healthy over a moment of enjoyment with food.  Back in June when I started this journey, it was MUCH harder.  I had to think about it all the time.  Every time I was confronted with sweets, or other unhealthy food, I had to walk myself through this internal conversation.

“Oh, I really want those, look how yummy they look.”

“Ok, that’s fine.  But you have to answer one question first.”


“What do you want more?  That food, or a healthy life?  What do you want long term?”

“Well, of course I want to be healthy.  I want to loose weight so I can play with my girls more.  I want to feel better about myself.  I want to be able to do what I want, when I want, and not have my weight hanging over my head.”

“So do you want that food?”

“No thank you.”

Seriously, that was my inner conversation for quite some time.  Every time I was presented with something I really wanted I had to remind myself to think about what I REALLY wanted.  Now I don’t have to do that.  It just comes natural.

I also used to say “No, I CAN’T have that.”  Now my answer is.  “No, I’m fine.”  or “No, I don’t want any, thanks.”  Because it is true.  I don’t want it.  I want to be healthy.  I want to live a better life.

{This year’s gingerbread house.  I enjoyed the fun – not the food.  I didn’t eat one piece of candy!}

You can do it too!  Enjoy your holiday, but remember it doesn’t have to be completely about food!  In fact, it isn’t about the food at all.  It is about family, giving to others, and the joy of Christmas.  Ultimately, you can enjoy the holiday without any of the traditional holiday food at all.  Now, you don’t have to be as “hard core” as I am, but remember, you are doing this for you.  For your family.  And for your life.  You aren’t alone.  I’m doing it too!  Have your slice of pie and stop at that.  Enjoy the people, not the food!

Week 27 I lost 4 more pounds for a total of 77 pounds and in week 28 I lost 3 more pounds for a total of 80 pounds!!!   I hit 80 pounds on my birthday!  I couldn’t ask for a better birthday present than that!

Just for fun I decided to include a few pictures to help to continue to motivate you and me!


          Before                                                                      During….

Here’s one more that shows the transformation even a little bit better.

Photos taken by Chelsea Peterson Photography

 Merry Christmas everyone!  May your holiday be filled with health and happiness.



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