Journey to the Center of the Earth $5.71, Journey 2 the Mysterious Island $9.99

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Last night we watched Journey 2 the Mysterious Island – WOW! It was so good! It was a good combo of family friendly with a good amount of adventure. We are pretty picky about the movies we watch, so it was great to find one that we liked AND we would be willing to buy to watch again – and this one made the cut.

So I looked it up on Amazon this morning – and if you’re not looking for the super fancy version, you can grab Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (+ UltraViolet Digital Copy) on DVD for $9.99! This movie is regularly $29.99. If you’ve upgraded to Blu-ray you can grab the 3 disc version for $19.99.

This is the sequel (although you do NOT have to see the first one to watch Journey 2) to Brendan Fraiser’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, available on DVD for $5.71.

Both will ship free with your Prime account or a $25 Super Saver purchase.

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