New $3-5 coupons for movies and games

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There are a lot of coupons out this morning for movies and games.  Take a look at the list!  If you’ve seen any of these on sale recently, please leave a comment for fellow deal seekers! (Prices listed are based on online price).

Hasbro® – $5.00 off one Electronic CATCH PHRASE OR TABOO game – Catch Phrase is $19.99 at Target, $24.97 at Walmart for the Electric version, Taboo Bible addition $26.99 at Walmart.

Hasbro® – $3.00 off one JENGA or CRANIUM BRAIN BREAKS game – Cranium Brain Breaks $12.99 at Target, $12.96 at Walmart.

Pictionary® – $5.00 off one PICTIONARY® game from Hasbro – Traditional pictionary games are about $40 BUT you can snag a UNO Pictionary game at $5.88 and just pay $.88 at Walmart.


$3.00 off Crazy Heart on Blu-ray – $16.79 at Target, $15 at Walmart

$3.00 off The Last of the Mohicans on Blu-ray – $15 at Walmart

$3.00 off Independence Day on Blu-ray – $17.99 at Target, $18.96 at Walmart

$3.00 off Slumdog Millionaire on Blu-ray – $17.99 at Target, $13 at Walmart

$3.00 off Walk the Line on Blu-ray $15.96 at Walmart

$3.00 off The Usual Suspects on Blu-ray – $9.99 at Target

*Update – Looks like Amazon released these same movie coupons – so unless you find them on sale, you’ll want to get the deal that way.  You can see the details on Becky’s post here.













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