Rite Aid News – SLC part of test market for +up changes

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Rite Aid is testing out a new +UP program in the SLC area.  (Check with your store to see if you are included).

+up rewards will now be loaded directly to your Rite Aid wellness card, rather than printed as a coupon with your receipt.

Instead of a bar-code, your receipt will state that your +up reward of $ has been loaded to your card.  You can check your balance and details online.

Your +up rewards will be available to use starting at 6 am the NEXT day.

If you are not part of the test market your +up’s will still print on your receipt and be available for immediate use.

If you dislike the loadable +up rewards and are part of the test market you can voice your opinion by signing the “Stop Load2Card feature for Rite-Aid’s +UP’s rewards Coupon” petition.  You can also visit Rite-Aid’s facebook page and post your opinion there.

Things I dislike about this program:

The main thing I don’t like is earning a reward and not being able to use it the same day.  I often make 2 transactions at Rite Aid – one which earns my +up rewards that I use on my second transaction.

The big “bug” that I see (they have not said exactly how this will work out) is the uncertainty and all the problems that arise with my coupon use.  Once my Wellness card is scanned, my +up rewards will go towards my purchase.  If I have $20 of +up’s and my total is only $10, I won’t get to use my manufacture coupons!

I think it adds difficulty to managing my +ups as well – I like to use my $2 +up reward on my $2.01 purchase.  I can see it becoming easy to loose track of which +up is next in line to be used and using a $5 +up on a $4 purchase and loosing some of my rewards.

Please share your feedback with Rite-Aid!


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