Similac StrongMoms Rewards Program: FREE Gifts & Coupons! *See What I Got!*

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Have you heard about Similac StrongMom Rewards Program I’ve posted about it before, and wanted to let any new or expecting mom’s know about it again!

If you’re pregnant or have a new baby, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this awesome (and free!) deal. Head over HERE to join  for free gifts and coupons. It only takes about a minute to sign up.


Check out all the goodies I received (Note: This was several years ago after I had my last baby; the gifts could have changed since then)! That’s 4 $5 off coupons, plus 2 free canisters of powdered formula and 4 ready-to-use samples. That’s at least a $60 value right there, just for a simple sign up! I’ve continued to receive additional coupons in the mail, too.

This is so easy, and totally worth the (short) time it takes to sign up. Formula is so expensive. Even though I breastfed it was nice to be able to give my baby a bottle sometimes and not have to worry about defrosting milk that had been stored in the freezer. I also think it’s healthy for a baby to learn new tastes (that’s totally my opinion) and new ways to eat. If you choose not to use it for any reason, you can always donate it to the food pantry or find a friend who needs it.

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